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2013: the Year of New Beginnings

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January Energetics

This year the energies of January promise to be something of a magical mystery tour as we attempt to acclimatise ourselves to the enormous changes that took place on an energetic level during the second half of December last year. This month as with every month of the year we will be both supported and challenged by the complex and powerful planetary energies that continuously influence life on our planet.  During most of January the prevailing planetary influence comes from the constellation of Capricorn, represented by the sign of the mountain goat in personality-based astrology and the unicorn in soul based astrology. In its highest form Capricornian energy encourages us to transcend the limitations created by a purely material view of life and to use the wisdom and detachment gained through this process to co create new more expanded opportunities for the human family as a whole. Other influences this month will bring a focus to the issue of relationship so we may well find ourselves needing to make adjustments in how we relate with those around us or indeed in that important relationship that we have with ourselves.

2013; the Year of New Beginnings

January has traditionally been the month in which we set out our new goals and intentions for the year ahead. In this respect January 2013 is no different from any other January, however the opportunities that we have for major new beginnings in every aspect of life are very different, so different in fact that the process of new year intentions has just taken on a whole new meaning. As we moved up the evolutionary spiral on December 21st/22nd a new patterning was anchored onto the planet that changed the basic patterning of life as we have known it for aeons of time. This incredible change took place at an energetic level so it will take time for it to become fully visible in our physical world, however we are all aware that something has changed, even though we might not be able to put our finger on what exactly has happened. Somehow, subtly our perception of life has changed and there is a sense of needing to re evaluate how to make things work in the new space we find ourselves in.

Like all new situations this one is currently providing us all with the possibility of new and wonderful experiences as well as those that might appear more challenging. In this new energy, where we choose to place our attention is going to be particularly important as we negotiate the coming year. If you take a moment to breathe and place your attention into your heart you will perhaps be able to connect with a new sense of peacefulness and freedom that has nothing to do with anything that might be going on in your outer world. There is a sense of coming home in this attention point that if nurtured and expanded will help you to negotiate any challenges that might appear in your world. This is the attention point to remember to return to when old issues are triggered and you are tempted to fall into old vibrational patterns. Your heart knows how to operate in the new energies and will guide you if you let it.


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