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Some Helpful Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for January 2014

Flower Essences

The flow of energy this month will offer us a wonderful opportunity to review where we might be holding on to old unconscious beliefs, particularly those that still make it difficult for us to become more of our true self and to ‘walk our talk’ with ease and consistency. You can read more about this in ‘2014 – Time to Walk Your Talk‘.

With this in mind our essence suggestions for January 2014 focus on essence combinations that can provide support to transform some of the more common issues that make it difficult for us to use all of our potential as a spiritual being while in a physical body.

Top of the list here is the universally applicable combination, Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality. This deep acting mix of flower & gem essences is a wonderful combination to support anyone who is experiencing difficulty in finding loving acceptance for any part of themselves. Then for those who need support to expand the vibrations of appreciation and gratitude this month we can thoroughly recommend either Thankfulness; developing gratitude or Gratitude to help. Forgiveness; transforming guilt or Inner Freedom; transforming judgement might also be helpful for some this month

Unconscious resistance to being fully present in your physical body tends to create an inbuilt resistance to receiving. This can manifest most obviously as a difficulty with the flow of abundance but also slightly less obviously as difficulty receiving guidance from your true self and/or an inability to integrate higher frequencies of light and love into the physical body. Choose Open to Receive creating abundance or Prosperity for support with obvious abundance issues, Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind or Soul Connection; enlightenment, for help with expanding your connection to your inner guidance and Inner Light to help with the absorption of higher frequency energies such as light and love.

Faced with the task of overcoming resistance to physicality we may well find ourselves having an encounter with those all too familiar vibrations of fear. If this is your experience this month, remember to take a breath, be kind to yourself and allow it space to clear. After all facing the ‘monster under the bed’ almost always reveals it to have been a heap of harmless rubbish all along. Either, Inner Calm; transforming fear, Feeling Safe; trusting life, or a Base Chakra combination would provide support in this situation.


Flower Essences

Lastly why not treat yourself to a Positive Vibrations spray this month. We find this spray absolutely invaluable to help keep both our personal energy fields and environment sparkling clear and free from negativity.



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