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Re-Connecting with Love

Although this year March blew in like the proverbial lion it also brought with it some wonderful warm sunshine full of the promise of the spring to come. The spring equinox, which will be on March 20th (05.48 GMT) this year, is the gateway that ushers in the energy of Aries and opens the floodgates to the powerfully regenerative energy of spring. Each year this miracle of springtime rebirth and regeneration provides us all with a window of fertile opportunity, ripe with possibilities. At this time the forward moving energy of Aries provides exactly the energetic kick-start that we need to initiate the new projects and ideas that we have been contemplating in the quiet winter months. As you watch the loving energy of Mother Nature working the miracle of rebirth in the plant and animal kingdoms this spring remember that the same loving universal energy is available to each one of us if only we would allowRose ourselves to simply receive its bounty in the same way that the plants and animals unconsciously do. Recently we were reflecting on how the simple act of receiving love seems to be such a difficult issue for so many of us. Sadly it seems that we are often like people slowly dying of thirst in a loveless desert of our own making because we have forgotten how to tap into the life saving oasis of love that is within ourselves. Love Love is the very essence of what we are, it makes up every cell & molecule of our bodies and is similarly present in everything around us, yet so often we refuse ourselves its nourishment. At the core of this issue is our belief that love is something that we receive from outside of ourselves rather than a fundamental part of our existence. Duality thinking has created ‘good’ & ‘bad’ and the completely erroneous idea that we are only deserving of love when we have met our limited perception of ‘good’. In reality, love is an unlimited resource that we can tap into at any time in the deepest recesses of our own hearts. Coming fully into resonance with the vibration of love connects us consciously with all living beings in the universe and ensures that the projects and ideas that we initiate are in alignment with the highest good of the collective group of humanity. With this in mind this month, we have decided to focus on four deep acting Rose Combinations that can help us all to unlock and transform the old beliefs that surround our ability to completely surrender to the vibration of love. Rose Collection Combinations Through the ages roses have been associated with the heart and have traditionally been given as a symbol of love. As Essences, Roses offer us the gift of their perfection in the form of gentle healing energies which can help us all to awaken to the unconditional love deep within our own hearts, reminding us of our Divinity and connection to the Whole. Awakening This combination will help to gently release and dissolve barriers erected unconsciously around our hearts as a defence against pain and sorrow. Of course these defences also prevent us from giving and receiving love fully so as they are gently dissolved with the help of this combination, we are able to awaken the innate Love and Joy hidden within our hearts. Combination of:- Rosa Deep Secret, Rosa Blue Moon, Iceberg Rose & Sweetheart Rose. Forgiveness Forgiveness, either for self or others, is one of the most important issues we must address if we are to fully open our hearts to the vibration of love. Until we can accept all events and circumstances in our lives with love and forgiveness we are unable to move forward. This combination is for all of us who need help to restore the vibration of forgiveness deep within our hearts. Combination of:- Ruby Red Rose, Rosa de la Hay, Rosa Deep Secret & Peace Rose. Purity This combination is for people who need to release and transmute deep feelings of unworthiness, shame, fear and anger in order to fully open their hearts. It is particularly helpful for those who have suffered abuse either now or in the past, as it helps to restore the vibrations of purity and peace within the heart. Combination of:- Roses: Irene of Denmark, Perdita, Peace & Handel. Unconditional Love The Divine spark of unconditional love held deep within our hearts is the doorway through which we must pass on our journey back Home to Mother/Father God. This combination will help us all to move deeper into the beautiful vibrations of unconditional love. Combination of:- Roses: Compassion, Perdita, Sweetheart & Ruby Red. You can find all of the Rose Essences including the Rose Combinations here.
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