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Positive Vibrations – Flower Essence Review

Positive Vibrations

Positive Vibrations – Cleansing Negativity

In this months essence review we have chosen to feature one of our new Pure Vibrations Spray combinations, partly because we have found it to be such a wonderfully versatile friend to have around but also because it seems to fit so exactly with the needs of the moment.

As we are all finding out, learning to surf the waves of the increasingly powerful energy transmissions that have currently become such a feature of life on this planet can sometimes feel rather like walking a tightrope balanced precariously between the old reality that we are leaving behind and the new one that we are helping to create.

Whether we can successfully stay balanced on the tightrope will be determined by our ability to be the master of our own thoughts and emotions. Currently our job is to consciously connect with the energy of change and to become the conduits that will allow it to be anchored onto the Earth. This involves focus and intention on our part as well as the willingness to release and transform old unconscious patterns from within ourselves with as much conscious awareness as we can manage.

In our experience it can be all too easy to forget that we have a choice about how we think, feel or react to an event or situation in life when all our buttons are being pushed and we are swaying perilously on the tightrope that is the narrow pathway of balance between the old and new realities. The key to this is being able to find that inner point of balance and calm within the heart where we can connect more easily with the higher perspective that we seek. Holding an internal focus on keeping our personal energy fields clear, balanced and aligned will greatly enhance our ability to do this. This process is as important to our general health and well being as physical cleanliness is, but is much more often overlooked with the result that many people find themselves struggling unnecessarily.

The Positive Vibrations Flower & Gem Essence Spray

So for anyone feeling in need of a little extra support in this area right now we can thoroughly recommend our Positive Vibrations Spray. Sprayed into the auric field this powerful combination of essences will quickly help to release any build up of negativity in your personal energy fields and restore you to a place of calm and balance. Used regularly it will also ensure that a refreshing flow of positive energy consistently circulates around your energy fields making it easier for you to deal with any situation that might present itself as a challenge in the best possible way. It is also wonderful to use as a space clearing spray for your living or workspace. Calling in the transformational Violet Flame when you use this spray will enhance its effectiveness.

Positive Vibrations – Cleansing Negativity


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