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Chakra EssencesWe are all too aware of how uncomfortable it can feel when old unresolved polarities are triggered off and also just how much the energy flow at the moment is challenging us so that there is absolutely no hiding from them either. The flip side to this is that so long as we are prepared to accept and work with our unresolved issues it is possible to release and let go very quickly. In our experience a well-chosen vibrational essence can be a wonderful support to enhance this process. As we said in our article Team Spirit the heart is the point of integration for all unresolved issues and there are no better essences to help open the heart than those beautiful Roses that are so abundant this month. So lets start with a few essence suggestions from our Rose Collection set. Two of our favourite Rose Collection Combinations are Awakening the Heart and Heartfelt Forgiveness. Awakening the Heart will gently help to clear away old pain and sorrow from the heart so that you can reconnect with the love hidden deep within, while Heartfelt Forgiveness will help you to pull the vibration of forgiveness deep into your heart so that you can forgive and move on from old situations. You might also find some of our individual Rose Collection Essences very supportive this month. These powerful essences can either be taken singly or mixed together into a combination of your own choice. See Mix Your Own Rose Combination. Here are a few suggestions from among many that you might find helpful this month. Blue Moon or Deep Secret will help to clear away old long forgotten issues that prevent the heart from opening fully. Handel Rose will promote the qualities of strength, courage and positive self-value, while Peace Rose will help to clear fears from the heart that prevent real inner peace. Compassion will help to strengthen the link between the heart and the higher mind promoting a greater connection with your own innate inner wisdom. You can find all the single Rose Essences here. For those who would like to work with creating greater harmony between their inner male and female polarity this month we have several essence suggestions. The most obvious one is the Inner Unity combination (Divine Harmony Essences), which helps to promote greater integration between the feminine and masculine polarities within ourselves. However if you feel that one or other of these polarities is particularly out of balance then we suggest that you first work with either a Female Essence or a Male Essence (Divine Harmony Essences) to correct that balance before moving on to the Inner Unity combination. Symptoms of the need to balance your masculine energy are difficulty with authority figures, inability to manifest and take action in the world or use personal power in a balanced way. Difficulty with the feminine polarity might appear in the form of difficulties with mother figures or as resistance to fully honouring feminine qualities such as motherhood, intuition, creativity and nurturing. Last but not least here are a few suggestions for essences that will help to strengthen the link with your soul. Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences), Soul Star (Lightbody Essences), Soul Gifts (Inner Child Essences), and Inner Wisdom (Divine Harmony Essences).
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