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Chakra Essences The energies this month are going to particularly encourage us to release old emotional ties that bind us to the past, so lets start with some essences to provide support with this issue. Some of our most difficult emotional ties and cords often relate to relationship issues. Whether you have old unresolved emotional pain from the past or are facing the need to resolve a current relationship that is no longer working, one of the most supportive and effective essences to help with the process is the Letting Go combination (Divine Harmony Essences). In our experience this is just wonderful to help release those old unhealthy emotional ties and set everyone in the situation free to make new choices. Other essences that would also help here are Release or Freedom (Inner Child Essences) or Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences). Sometimes we can find that we are tied into old emotional situations through unresolved guilt or grief, both of which are very powerful emotions. If you find yourself in need of support with either of these issues then one of the following essences will be just what you need: Forgiveness or Healing Bereavement (Divine Harmony Essences). Of course any strong emotion that we have been unable to resolve from a previous difficult experience will keep us linked energetically with the past until it is released. Fear is perhaps the number one emotion in this respect especially since it often underpins many of our other difficult emotions. Nothing weakens our energetic foundations more quickly than unresolved fear so here are some suggestions for those that need support to work with this issue. We can thoroughly recommend a bottle or two of either Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or Courage (Inner Child Essences) to help transform fears of all kinds. From our experience both anger and resentment are also emotions that can keep us tied firmly to the past so you might like to check out either Inner Peace or Self Responsibility (Divine Harmony Essences) for support with either of these issues. Support for other specific emotional issues can be found in the Core Emotions Set of Divine Harmony Essences or more generally from the Emotional Body essence (Lightbody Essences) Our energetic stability is closely related to the healthy functioning of our lower chakras. Unresolved emotional issues and mental patterns can create a kind of energetic constipation in these important energy centres that continue to keep us tied to the past until released. Unresolved emotional issues and energetic ties can particularly affect the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras so we will just remind you to check out our Chakra Essence combinations for support to rebalance and realign these or other chakra points this month. For those who would like to focus on greater soul awareness then a bottle of Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences) would be helpful. Last but not least why not treat yourself to a bottle of our Inner Light combination to help your energetic structures open more fully to receive all that new light and energy now flowing in. See also the Letting Go and Allowing post.
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