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Suggestions for August

It seems to us that what we will most all need this month is a well developed spirit of cooperation and the ability to see the higher perspective of any challenging situations that we may face. For this reason we would like to start with a focus on the Male Essence (Divine Harmony Essences) because we feel that it might be a very helpful combination for many this month. This is a wonderful combination to help resolve those difficult feelings of separation and consequent tendency towards being overly independent that are brought forward by the energy of Leo. It will help to bring balance to those very male energies and encourage greater awareness of the need to open to the promptings of the soul through the heart. It will also help those who would like support to dissolve the personality need to be right and adjust difficult attitudes towards authority figures, both issues that are important in a month that carries conflict potential. Some people might also find Freedom (Inner Child Essences), Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences), Forgiveness or Inner Freedom (Divine Harmony Essences) helpful to work with related issues this month.

It seems likely that any old relationship issues that we have that are still unresolved will also come into focus this month for a final clearance, so here are a few suggestions for essences that might help you make the most of this opportunity. Either a Healing Relationships, Healing Family or Loving Communications (Divine Harmony Essences) might be exactly the essence you need to support you this month. Other possibilities might be a Letting Go (Divine Harmony Essences) or Release (Inner Child Essences).

Most of us do not find times of great change easy to deal with at a personality level and fear is often the number one emotion triggered off at these times. It will therefore be especially important this month that we stay positive & connected and do not allow ourselves to fall into fear, no matter what might appear to be happening in our outer world. The best way that we can do this is by facing up to any fears that are triggered off and let them come fully into awareness for release and resolution. We always find essences like Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or Courage (Inner Child Essences) wonderful to support this process. We can also thoroughly recommend either Revival Remedy Spray or our new Strength & Courage Spray to cut through any vibrations of fear and quickly return you to a more balanced space. (Revival Remedy is our new name for Emergency Essence; find out more about this here)

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