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New Beginnings – More Core Emotions

Flower EssencesThe third part of our look at the core emotions! The turning of the calendar to bring forward a New Year has long been associated with ‘turning over a new leaf’ and the making of New Year’s resolutions. This is an echo in our outer world of what happens esoterically on the inner planes at the end of each year. On December 31st we each go before the karmic board in our soul consciousness to review what we have achieved over the year that has passed and to set new goals for the year ahead. This is also the time when our guides and teachers on the other levels change to reflect our intentions for the coming twelve months. This is why as an old year draws to an end we can sometimes find ourselves feeling compelled to finish off those things that we have put on one side ‘to do later’ and also why we often experience a flow of new ideas and inspiration as a new year begins.

The Year Ahead

2008 is a particularly potent year for new beginnings because numerically it is a number 1 while 2007 was a number 9. Numerology tells us that number 9 is the number of completion while 1 is the number of new beginnings. Certainly 2007 was a powerful year for completions of all kinds and I am sure that every one of you will have felt this in some way in your own lives over the past 12 months. In this respect 2007 has been a challenging year for many, however every challenge overcome offers us a hidden gift. The gift of completion is the creation of space and opportunity for new beginnings and 2008 promises to be a potent and powerful year for new beginnings of all kinds. Of course it is up to each one of us to recognise and use to the full, the opportunities that will present themselves to us over the coming months. Being able to stay emotionally balanced and in touch with our own inner core is essential if we are to be able to do this effectively. So as you reflect on what you have let go of and most importantly what you would like to manifest to replace it with over the month of January, be conscious of the emotions that are present. Allow yourself to enjoy that sense of anticipation and excitement about the new but also be aware of any lower emotions or mental patterns that might need to be transformed in order for you to go forward with ease and grace. No matter how much we can see the need for endings and completion in our lives when viewed from a higher perspective, we can still find ourselves experiencing grief, doubt, & uncertainty at a lower emotional level as these take place. For some people this can also be accompanied by feelings of impatience and frustration that the new beginnings that they so much want do not appear to be coming forward as quickly as their personalities would like.

Some Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences to Help..

So this month we have chosen to highlight three deep acting Combinations for Self Treatment that will help with the transformation of these specific Core Emotions. The first of these deals with the emotion of grief – most of us carry unresolved grief from past incarnations and endings in our current lives can often act as a doorway for this old grief to be released and transformed so that we can move forward with renewed joy. However, if this happens the accompanying emotions can feel overwhelming and unreasonable given current circumstances, so if you or someone you know is experiencing this, we recommend the following well tried combination as a supportive friend. Flower Essences

Healing Bereavement – Transforming Grief

Grief is a very powerful emotion and one that many people are unaware that they carry at an unconscious level. A deep loss, whether caused by death, divorce or in some other way, leaves a shock in our energetic system. When we are unable to release the accompanying very natural emotions of grief and sadness these feelings are gradually buried deeper and deeper into the unconscious. Buried grief can often be recognised as a sense of unexplained sadness in the heart or perhaps as a fear of making a real heart connection with someone in case the pain of loss is repeated. Sometimes when working with this emotion at a very deep level we can find that the roots of the issue come from our original feelings of grief at separation from our twin soul. As we release and transmute these old memories we are able to recognize that rather than being separate and alone we are an inseparable part of the Whole. When to use the Bereavement Combination – This is a helpful combination for anyone who needs support while they move through the natural process of grieving after the loss of a loved one. It is also good for helping to release and clear old emotions of grief and loss that are held at a more unconscious level. Indications for this might be someone who is very emotionally affected by others grief, or has an unreasonable fear of loss. Difficulties related to the lungs at a physical level might also be an indication of the need for this combination. Flower Essences

Inner Certainty – Transforming Doubt

Doubt is an emotion created by the loss of conscious understanding of our connection to the Whole. When our consciousness closes down we become isolated and marooned in the personality and without access to the greater picture of life. For some this very debilitating emotion comes to the fore when the events of life are apparently not going the way the personality feels they should, although from the perspective of the Soul everything is exactly as it should be. Doubt can also be one of the defence mechanisms used unconsciously by the personality to avoid the need for change. All of us at some point find ourselves facing the need to transform our own doubt and uncertainty in order to move forward. This combination will help restore faith and trust in yourself and the Universe, helping you to remember that you are an inseparable part of the Whole. When to use the Inner Certainty Combination – The positive polarity of doubt is Faith and Trust, both in ourselves and the Universe. Where a person has become pessimistic and cynical about themselves and life in general then the core emotions of faith and trust need to be re-established. This combination will help to release the patterning of doubt and uncertainty so life can be seen from a wider perspective and new choices can be made. Flower Essences

Patience – Transforming Impatience

Impatience and frustration are very common emotions in today’s fast moving world where it is easy to forget that there is a place and time for everything if only we would follow the promptings of our own inner voice rather than the demands of the ego. The energy of impatience keeps us from being fully in the moment and often acts as a defence against having to be still and face the emotional turmoil of our inner world. This combination will help you to release deep-seated patterns of impatience, irritability and frustration. When to use the Patience Combination – Where patterns of impatience, frustration and irritability are very deep-rooted. People who have this pattern very strongly will often find it difficult to relate to others peacefully and with understanding, and as a consequence feel isolated in their own world. They can be quite volatile and liable to ‘blow a fuse’ at the slightest provocation. The energy of impatience manifests as tension in the physical body and closes the heart. New Year is very much a time for seed sowing, and there is no better time to sow seeds than with the new moon. This month’s new moon is on January 8th so we wish you ‘happy planting’ and look forward to sharing the fruits of our own plantings with you as the year progresses. May all your best dreams come to fruition in 2008! Core Emotions Part One Core Emotions Part Two
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