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Inner Freedom – Flower Essence Review

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Essence Review – Inner Freedom from the Divine harmony Essences

In this essence review we felt that we would like to highlight an essence combination that seems to be often overlooked despite its potential for promoting major transformation.

Inner Freedom is a combination that many people simply look past because they do not see themselves as having major issues with judgement, criticism or intolerance. We can understand this because it is certainly more comfortable for all of us to see these issues as being outside ourselves, whether this be in those close to us or in the larger arena of society in general. However, when we look around the world there is ample evidence that these energies are thriving rather than diminishing. Knowing in our hearts that everything that appears outside ourselves has to be a reflection of something within made us recognise that possibly there is a need for all of us to look at how we might be unknowingly energising subtle forms of judgement, criticism or intolerance in our lives. Hence this essence review.

We are all so programmed with polarity thinking that everything can so easily become divided into ‘good’ & ‘bad’ ‘acceptable’ or ‘unacceptable’ etc, if we do not really keep our attention on what happens in our thoughts. It seems possible that when we really choose to look within we may all find subtle or possibly not so subtle manifestations of this legacy of polarity consciousness that could do with some transformational help. One very debilitating example is that of the unending ‘inner critic’ that so many of us live with at an almost unconscious level of awareness. Maybe we have a tendency to judge the day before us by the quality of the weather when we awake in the morning. Perhaps we might find that we are holding on to some rather fixed views about what is ‘right’ in some aspect of our lives or feeling somewhat intolerant of the way those elected to govern us are behaving. The list could go on but we are sure you get the picture!

Inner Freedom – Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combination

This month we would like to encourage you to examine your own subtle versions of this pattern and to invite greater freedom into your life by banishing judgement, criticism and intolerance with the support of the Inner Freedom combination. We have found this to be an excellent combination that can gently but quickly move us into an expanded place of awareness from which we can more easily recognise and let go of old mindsets and perceptions.

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