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Transforming Fear: Essence Review for the Inner Calm Essence

Inner Calm Essence

Inner Calm – Transforming Fear

For this month’s essence review we have decided to highlight a combination that has proved helpful for many people over the years and which deals with an issue that is currently very pertinent for all of us.

Fear is an emotion that is deeply woven into the fabric of our collective human consciousness. It has become so much a part of our daily life that we now hardly recognise the hold that it can have upon us. The powerful controlling force of fear is utilised daily in our news media and underpins much of our entertainment and advertising industries, as well as being an important aspect of almost every world religion. These outer manifestations of our relationship with fear are indicative of a much deeper unconscious patterning that all of humanity and the Earth herself share.

Catastrophe Consciousness

This patterning has been called ‘catastrophe consciousness’ and its origin lies in the long forgotten and as yet unreleased trauma created by the catastrophic break up of the continent of Atlantis, 11,500 years ago. This is a potent, unconscious memory that we all share and one that is currently filtering into our consciousness to be cleared, as we transition into a new vibrational template for life on our planet. As it does so it is creating a sense of unease and fearfulness within many people that is currently manifesting as a deep concern about what might happen as 2012 draws to an end. This fear also becomes a filter through which we see the events of our personal lives and that of those around us. Through this filter fears about survival and catastrophic happenings can loom large, so it is particularly important that we recognise that fear is simply an outmoded vibrational patterning and that we now have the ability to step past it because it is no longer supported by the new incoming high frequency patterning. Without this filter it will be obvious to us all that 2012 is a year of new beginnings and amazing opportunities that have nothing to do with catastrophe and failure, and everything to do with co creating a new way of living together in peace and harmony.

The Inner Calm Essence

So for all those who would like support to clear away vibrations of fear however you might be currently experiencing them, we can thoroughly recommend a bottle or two of our Inner Calm combination. This is a potent mix of deep acting flower and gem essences that supports the release of conscious and unconscious vibrations of fear and helps to move your awareness into a new and higher vibrational frequency. It is the obvious choice for anyone who recognises that they resonate strongly with the disaster patterning mentioned above or who need to face their inner fears so that they can move forward in life, whatever form these might take. It might also be helpful if you have recently found yourself feeling very ungrounded, apprehensive without obvious reason, lacking in motivation or reluctant to take part fully in life.

The Inner Calm Essence is part of the Divine Harmony Essence range and is in the Core Emotions group. You can find the essence in our shop here.


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