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Illusion or Reality?

As we focus on healing aspects of ourselves, it can sometimes be easy to see only part of what we are achieving. We might see ourselves bringing a particular emotion into greater balance, or clearing an issue in a relationship etc, and see how that brings us a greater sense of harmony within ourselves. However, what we are also doing as we work with our patterns on the inside, is that we are subtly changing the reality that we create or mould for ourselves on the outside.

Reality is an Illusion, Albeit it a Very Persistent One

Albert Einstein once commented that; reality is an illusion, albeit it a very persistent one. The commonly held collective belief is that ‘reality’ is what is around us in our world and that we have very little, if any, control over it. However looking from Einstein’s perspective it is clear that he saw that our ‘reality’ is created from the constantly fluctuating mass of energy in which all creation exists. Far from living in a fixed reality we actually live in a world of multiple possibilities and endless realities – it is simply up to us to choose how we shape the energy that creates our ‘reality’ in the material plane. Currently most of us continue to live largely in a world of illusion, created from our own unconscious mental and emotional beliefs, unaware that these patterns are constantly shaping the energy around us into form, thus creating both our individual and collective reality. To move past this place we must each wake-up to the fact that we are not simply what our ‘mind-orientated sense of self’ would have us believe.

“We all have a habit of thinking that everything around us is already a thing, existing without my input, without my choice. You have to banish that kind of thinking.” Amit Goswami, Ph.D From the film ‘What the Bleep do we know?’

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – for Change & Transformation

Essences can be wonderfully helpful tools to assist us in the process of changing the patterning that creates our experiences in life. Look carefully at what makes up your current reality. What cycle of repeating patterns or points of view stand out for you as you review your life to date? What patterns in those around you – especially those close to you – make you react in some way?

These understandings can give you a very clear guide as to what it is that you need to work with to shape your reality differently. Choosing the correct essence will help you to begin to work with and release those issues. As Dr Bach once said:- “I want to make it as simple as this: I am hungry, I will go and pull a lettuce from the garden for my tea; I am frightened and ill, I will take a dose of Mimulus.”

To see which essences might help the pattern that you most need to work with you could try our Self Help Essence Selector:- Or browse through the definitions for each essence in the Flower Essence Shop.


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