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Rose December in the northern hemisphere brings with it the winter solstice, and a period of quiet inner contemplation and review before we turn outwards again in the spring. It also brings us the traditional Christmas festive season, so with both these aspects of the month of December in mind we are going to continue the theme of core emotions that we began last month, by looking at the Gifts of Love that are available from our family and friends to help us find a greater understanding of the core emotions that need balancing within ourselves. The emotions that trouble us most are those unconscious, long buried emotions that at some time in the past we have found too difficult or painful to own. As we saw last month it is these buried emotions that set the patterning for our physical bodies and also create the foundations for our beliefs about life. One of the ways that we can become more conscious of these old emotional patterns is to be willing to look at ourselves in the mirrors so generously provided by those we have around us in our lives. There is no better place for us to do this than with our close family and friends.

Recognizing Emotional Tensions

The Christmas period is a time where we traditionally get together to share celebrations with family and friends, however it can also be a time where emotional tensions between family members can become highlighted. Like the proverbial black cloud these situations always have a silver lining if we can learn to accept the gift of love that they offer us. It is easier to do this when we recognize that at a soul level we have all chosen our family members and situations because of the opportunities for growth that they will provide us with. Often we choose family members that will remind us of those long buried emotions that we need to bring into balance within ourselves. Most importantly of all it helps to remember that at a soul level we all share a great deal of love for each other no matter what the personality issues might be that we play out during our lives together. Viewed from this perspective we can perhaps more easily understand that it is particularly those family members that trigger off emotional reactions within us that offer us the greatest gifts for our own growth. So when this next happens to you, take a moment to recognize it as an opportunity to accept a gift of love from another soul for your own healing. Give yourself some quiet moments to reflect upon what disowned part of yourself is being mirrored back to you from that other person. Allow the emotions that have been triggered off to flow as fully as you can without judgment. As you own the reflection and the emotions hold both yourself and the other person in your heart with as much love as you can. Keep doing this over a period of time until you feel at peace with yourself and the other person involved. Flower Essences

Getting Some Help – Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences can be a wonderful support in this process and this month we have highlighted three more combinations working with specific Core Emotions that you might find particularly helpful during this intense time of personal transformation.

Inner Peace – Transforming Anger

Like fear, anger is a very normal human emotion. It can also be one of the more difficult emotions for us to own and bring into balance. Usually this stems from conditioning in childhood that it is ‘bad’ or inappropriate to express anger and rage. Often we have not been taught any positive ways of dealing with this natural human emotion with the result that many people carry suppressed anger and rage, which they are either afraid to express, or are hardly aware of because they have buried it so deeply. When to use – This is an excellent combination for anyone who knows consciously that they need help to transform buried anger and rage. Signs that indicate unconscious patterns of anger would be difficulty with authority figures, people who always seem to draw angry people into their lives, together with those who apparently cannot connect with the emotion of anger at all. This kind of buried anger can often act as a barrier to releasing other emotions that are more deeply layered. Anger resonates with the liver so any difficulties in this area would also indicate a need for this combination.

Self Responsibility – Willingness

Resentment is the emotion that builds up when we are unable to express feelings of anger or hurt in a particular situation. This leads to feelings of bitterness and victimisation and an inability to forgive. These deep feelings of resentment block our ability to fully engage in all aspects of life without expectation or condition leading to inertia and a general lack of willingness. When to use – For those who find it difficult to take full responsibility for themselves, perhaps preferring to blame others for their problems and difficulties in life. Feelings of bitterness and a sense that life is unfair would also indicate that this combination would be helpful. The Gall bladder resonates with the emotion of bitterness. Also difficulties in the lower back can indicate buried feelings of resentment.

Forgiveness – Transforming Guilt

Guilt is the emotion created when we are unable to forgive ourselves for some past action or situation. Usually the original cause is long buried in our unconscious leaving us with a deep unexplained need to make repayment in some way. For some people this unconscious pattern is a driving force in their lives creating great tension and distress. When we are unable to forgive ourselves we may also find it difficult to forgive others. Understanding that we have chosen the events and situations of our lives to provide opportunities for soul growth makes it easier to forgive and move on. This combination helps to promote a greater sense of unconditional love for self and others, transforming feelings of guilt and separation and bringing a greater connection to Source. When to use – Where there is a lack of self-love, an inability to forgive oneself or others, self-condemnation and judgement. Deep feelings of responsibility for past ‘mistakes’ or just a general feeling that they are to blame for something that they cannot identify. Guilt and lack of forgiveness resonate with the heart.

We will continue our theme of core emotions next month!

In the meantime, we wish you much Love, Light & Joy for the festive season and throughout the coming year together with our thanks for the opportunity to share our thoughts with you!
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