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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for June 2016

Essence Suggestions to help with the Energies through June

Violet Flame Essence

Feeling Worthy Essence

This is a really good combination for where there is a problem with self worth, valuing yourself, self-nurturing or deep feelings that you are not as good as others. It’s also helpful for if you easily feel inferior, are very sensitive to criticism or perhaps have an unexplainable sense of incompleteness.

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The energy flow this month has a very synthesising, harmonising aspect to it that seeks to promote unconditional love, a theme that we explore in depth in this month’s blog post "The Power of Unconditional Love".

Unity and wholeness is clearly something that the world needs very badly just now, so how we respond to the energies on offer this month is important because only when enough individuals like you and me choose to live in unity and wholeness will those qualities be able to take root in the world around us. So with this in mind let’s take a look at some essences that might be particularly supportive over the next few weeks.

From our experience one of the biggest issues we encounter when we attempt to embrace a greater degree of unity and wholeness is unconscious resistance to fully embodying the love that we are. This is a highly separative, destructive pattern because as a Being we were created in and by Love and require the deeply nurturing energy of Unconditional Love to sustain ourselves at all levels of our being, including the physical. However, most, if not all of the old ‘stories’ that still hold us in polarity consciousness are based on denial of and resistance to this truth. So no matter what comes into your awareness this month remember that it is very likely to be this resistance that you are seeing, displayed in one or more of its many different disguises. Keep in mind also that it is this same unconscious resistance that has us trying to disown and/or eliminate unwanted aspects of ourselves rather than loving them back into wholeness.

Insecurity in your Own Abilities

One of the top runners in the list of common ‘disguises’ is that uncomfortable issue of insecurity in one’s own abilities. This most obviously manifests as a lack of self-value and or deep uncertainty in the personality. In this situation consider either Feeling Worthy; Transforming Unworthiness, Self Worth or Inner Certainty; Transforming Doubt to help. Another less obvious version of this insecurity is the need to create situations in which we can feel ‘better than’ those around us in order to feel OK about ourselves. This is a personality vibration that is less easy to own and so often has to be reflected back to us from others in order that we can see it. Either Heart Chakra, Awakening the Heart or Humility would be particularly helpful combinations to help here.

Judgment & Forgiveness

Judgment and lack of forgiveness are also very common disguises for the resistance that we have to allowing Love into our lives. Many of us are very good at being non-judgmental and unconditional with others but find it much more difficult to extend the same compassionate vibrations to ourselves. If this is the case for you the unifying energies this month may well bring this issue sharply into your awareness. In this situation choose either Inner Freedom; Transforming Judgment, Forgiveness; Transforming Guilt, Heartfelt Forgiveness or Higher Heart Chakra to help you move on.

Unonditional Love

Of course the very best way that we can move past all the different ‘disguises’ that we have created is to increase our capacity to hold the vibration of Love, so here are a few suggestions for essences that will help you to do this. Self Acceptance; Restoring Unconditionality, Unconditional Love, Open to Receive; Creating Abundance or Love. These combinations all have a slightly different focus so take a moment to check them out to see which resonates most with you.

Finally, remember that everything is easier when you stay grounded and present with yourself so for anyone needing support with this over the coming weeks we suggest either, Being Present; becoming grounded or Earth Connection Spray.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.


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