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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for September 2015

Self Acceptance Essence

Self Acceptance Essence

An excellent combination for when you need help with issues around self acceptance. The Essence helps to promote a greater sense of self-acceptance and the ability to love yourself as well as gently dissolving feelings of judgment against yourself or others. It also helps to open your heart chakra to receive love.

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In this month’s Essence Suggestions we have highlighted some essence combinations to help dissolve some of the most common patterns that get in the way of us receiving the nourishment we need from life. See our recent blog post Nourishing Ourselves and the Earth for the background information on this.

The ‘nourishment’ that we are referring to here is available to us in the form of light and love so to be able to absorb it fully we must first feel worthy to receive it, without condition. No condition is placed upon its availability by the universe but we still consciously and unconsciously place many conditions upon our worthiness to receive, thereby effectively blocking the flow. The legacy of old patterning is such that we have many old stories that require us to fit into a certain template in order to be ‘good enough’. The idea that universal nourishment is your birth right and freely available does not figure in these old outmoded belief constructs. Although we might feel that we know this, unconscious belief patterns can still present us with an uncomfortable inner resistance that prevents us from receiving all that is available. So if this happens to be your experience this month you might find a bottle or two of our Self- Acceptance; restoring unconditionality combination of great assistance. This deep acting combination of flower, gem & crystal essences will help you to dissolve inner resistance and replace it with a more nurturing vibration of loving self-acceptance. Lack of self-value, self-doubt, and a tendency to self-criticism are also all common patterns that will very effectively block your ability to receive nourishment. If you find one of these vibrations becoming too dominant for comfort this month then either Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness, Inner Certainty; transforming doubt, or Inner Freedom; transforming judgement might be just what you need to help.

The ability to connect with that peaceful still centre within the heart is an important aspect of being open to receive, so for those who would like help with this here are some suggestions for some combinations that work primarily in the heart chakra; Heart Chakra, Open to Receive; creating abundance, Thankfulness; developing gratitude or Heart Connection; living in love spray. If an overly active mind tends to disturb your inner connection then either Inner Harmony; relaxation or Mental Body might be just what you need this month.

Being able to connect fully with the nurturing energies of the Earth is also a very important aspect of nourishing ourselves. For help with this check out Base Chakra and Earth Connection; strong foundations spray.

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Remembering how to absorb the nourishment of the love and light available to us takes time and it can particularly take time for our physical bodies to remember how to use light and love effectively because they are the densest and slowest moving part of us. With this in mind we will finish with a reminder to check out our Inner Light; opening to the light combination which is specifically designed to help the body and its energetic structure remember how to absorb and use the regenerative properties of light.



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