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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for September 2014

Purity of Heart

Inner Calm

A helpful combination where there are deep patterns of fearfulness, worry or insecurity, possibly manifesting as unfounded feelings of panic or a deep dislike of something. Also helpful where there is a difficulty facing particular situations in life or achieving ones full potential because of underlying fears.

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In the synthesising, integrating flow of Virgo energy this month we are likely to become particularly aware of those areas of life where we have not yet given ourselves permission to be our true Self.

So with this in mind we have decided to focus this month’s Essence Suggestions on combinations that will help to dissolve some of the more common issues that contribute to that uncomfortable state of non-permission to be a full expression of your true Self.

One of the most important issues here concerns our ability or not, to validate ourselves without condition. The legacy of the old patterning is one in which we have generally felt validated only for our ability to conform to the generally accepted view of life. If this was contrary to our own inner knowing then it has been very easy for us to develop a sense of being ‘wrong’ or out of step with reality in some way.

When we start to come into greater resonance with our true Self this pattern is very discomforting because more often than not our inner reality simply does not match our acquired beliefs about what will be acceptable to those around us. This can often be experienced as an uncomfortable sense of inner resistance that comes to the fore when we start to express more of our inner truth.

So if this happens to be your experience this month you might find a bottle or two of our Self- Acceptance; restoring unconditionality combination of great assistance. This deep acting combination of flower, gem & crystal essences will help you to dissolve inner resistance and replace it with a more comfortable vibration of loving self-acceptance, providing you with a foundation from which to move forward. Lack of confidence, self-doubt, lack of focus or a tendency to self-criticism are all patterns that can become very intertwined with the issue of self validation. If you find one of these vibrations becoming too dominant for comfort this month then either Confidence; restoring self-assurance, Inner Certainty; transforming doubt, Inner Strength; restoring inner resolve or Inner Freedom; transforming judgement might be just what you need to help.

Another issue that arises for many of us when we make the choice to align with more of our own inner truth is the need to be able to voice that truth in the world without feeling uncomfortable or fearful. For those who find the physical act of expressing their personal truth difficult we suggest either a Throat Chakra, Loving Communications; honest self-expression, or Truth combination to help.

Fear is a vibration that can be very undermining of our ability to give ourselves the necessary permission to be ourselves, so here is a reminder of some essences to help with this issue. Check out Inner Calm; transforming fear, Feeling Safe; trusting life or Strength & Courage spray to find the combination that might best support you.

Other combinations that might also be particularly relevant this month are New Horizons; supporting change to help you move forward with greater ease, Motivation; developing inspiration to help you reconnect with your own inner inspiration and Soul Connection; enlightenment to help bring you into a greater vibrational alignment with your true Self.



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