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Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

Solar Plexus Chakra

This combination is all about self-definition, personal power, will and positive emotional expression. Useful if you feel: oversensitive or too open to others, or have a sense of vulnerability, lack of self worth or issues with personal boundaries, anger or emotional neediness.

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We are now fully in the flow of the watery, intense, transformational energies of the constellation of Scorpio. If we make the most of the energetic opportunities this will present us with this month, we could well find ourselves re-evaluating our emotional foundations in life in one way or another. So with this in mind we have decided to focus this month’s essence suggestions on some combinations to help with a few of the more common issues that can arise in this situation. Many of our core beliefs as well as unconscious emotional patterning is stored in our lower chakras, and lower emotional and mental bodies. These are our personal storage bins from the past, so if something appears to rock your foundations this month you are most likely to find the energetic cause of the problem hiding in one of these places.

Firstly in a flow of Scorpio energy the most obvious place to start is with the emotional body, so for anyone working with deep old emotional issues or just finding it difficult to stay emotionally balanced and calm this month we suggest either Emotional Body or Emotional Balance; restoring emotional stability, to provide a helping hand.

Moving on to the issues of the lower chakras here is a reminder of the most important issues that relate to each of these important energy points. Take a Base Chakra combination if you find yourself working with issues of insecurity, survival fears, lack of abundance or a perceived inability to function in the everyday world. Where fear is a big part of these issues then follow on with an Inner Calm; transforming fear combination after the Base Chakra.

A Sacral Chakra combination is particularly supportive for those having difficulty with their emotional identity, creativity or sexuality. These are all issues that very much relate to the emotional underworld of Scorpio so may well be particularly active this month. In the same vein Healing Abuse; dissolving trauma  and/or Feeling Safe; trusting life,  might be very helpful combinations for some this month.

The Solar Plexus Chakra combination will be particularly helpful for those needing support with positive self-value, healthy personal boundaries, balanced emotional expression and the constructive use of will & personal power.

One of the least obvious and most uncomfortable issues for us to deal with as a personality is that of lack of humility. When the personality is struggling with an issue that to it seems like a life or death issue, it rarely finds it easy to recognise that it is simply pride that is stopping it from letting go and seeing the bigger picture. None of us like to own up to this, however it is something that each one of us will at need to face at some point in our transformational process. So in case it is helpful for anyone this month we just thought we would mention how helpful we have found a bottle or two of Humility; transforming pride to be in this situation.

Finally with emotional transformation in mind, why not treat yourself to one our powerful Harmony & Tranquillity Sprays; promoting balance, to help you stay peaceful, calm and balanced over the next few weeks.


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