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Some Helpful Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for December 2013

Awakening the Heart

The purposeful flow of Sagittarian energy this month will be inspiring us to connect with and integrate our soul awareness and to focus on living more fully from the truth of that inner connection. Since any issues that stand in the way of living in our soul truth are likely to become illuminated, we have decided to focus this month’s Essence Suggestions on some combinations to assist with some of the more common issues that might arise.

Perhaps top of the list here are the twin issues of doubt and fear, still unfortunately very common experiences for many people when they make the choice to follow their inner truth rather than conform to an old truth that no longer resonates with them. At root both of these issues arise when we have not been given the opportunity to develop a strong sense of our own inner knowing or to follow through on our intuition in our formative years. When we allow ourselves to follow what someone else thinks is right for us we give up our seniority and unconsciously move out of the driving seat of our life. Remembering that we are a unique vibration within the unity of all life and that our truth is a reflection of that uniqueness and may not be the same as someone else’s truth can be very helpful in this situation.

So for anyone coming across doubt and uncertainty in their inner world this month we can thoroughly recommend a bottle or two of our deep acting Inner Certainty; transforming doubt combination to help. Closely related and often intertwined with doubt for many people is a debilitating fear of getting something wrong if they follow what feels right for them. In this situation either Inner Calm; transforming fear or Courage would be very supportive.

The habit of placing the focus of attention mostly in the outer world means that for many it is still a challenge to engage consistently with the inner world of soul awareness. In this situation it is often the solar plexus chakra that needs support initially so if you resonate with this issue you would find a 25ml Solar Plexus combination a very supportive starting place. A noisy, over active mind is another symptom of this habit and here we suggest either Inner Harmony or Stillness to help.  

The soul speaks most directly to us through the consciousness of the heart so we could also find unresolved heart issues coming into awareness for transformation in the energy flow this month. Vibrations of sadness, grief, loss, loneliness, judgement and resentment are just some of the uncomfortable issues that can block us from living fully in the heart. Often they are also the issues that we least want to face, simply because they are so painful. However, none of these vibrations is representative of our soul truth and all must be released if we are to fully embody our soul consciousness. So for anyone seeking support with heart related issues this month here is a selection of deep acting essence combinations to choose from; Heart Chakra, Letting Go; dissolving attachment, Open to Receive; creating abundance Awakening the Heart, Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality and Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind.

The Heart Connection Set

Heart Connection Set

Alternatively why not treat yourself, or a loved one, to a Heart Connection Set. Each of the ten Essences in this lovely set works in the heart but each has a particular focus of support: find out more here.



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