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Some Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for July 2014

Letting Go Essence

Letting Go

A really useful essence for those with emotional pain, perhaps caused by separation, divorce or bereavement. Also for those who are too emotionally attached, clinging to old relationships or seeking love.

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In the flow of Cancerian energy this month the issues that are most likely to come under the spotlight, are those relating to our emotional security, particularly our ability or inability to nurture ourselves. With this in mind this month’s Essence Suggestions are focused on essences that will be particularly supportive for these issues.

As we have discussed in our blog post for July, The Importance of Inner Nurturing the ability to nurture ourselves is something that many people struggle with. As a result it has been all too easy for us to base our emotional security on someone or something outside of ourselves. This is a deeply engrained collective pattern that most of us will recognise in one form or another and it is one that is now very much in a process of transformation, so if you still have residues of this pattern within your own energy field you may well notice them more clearly this month. For many this will be in the form of relationship issues because this is where this pattern plays out most strongly. The most common form of this is ‘emotional neediness’ or co-dependency within relationships. One of the best ways for us to work with these issues is to spend some time by ourselves and currently many people are experiencing the ending of soul contracts that they have had with long term partners for precisely this reason. In this situation it can often take time for us to regain our sense of self and to learn to fill the uncomfortable hole within, from our own resources. However it is a most important journey and one that we must all make if we are to fully embody our soul vibrations. So for anyone needing support with this issue, whether in a relationship or not, we suggest a bottle or two of our Letting Go; dissolving attachment combination. From our experience this is one of the most effective essence combinations to help with the release of old uncomfortable emotions such as loss, neediness, lack of love and emotional insecurity.

The twin issues of self-empowerment and personal responsibility are often closely linked to an inability to nurture ourselves. For anyone working with these issues we suggest either a Solar Plexus combination and/or the Self Responsibility; transforming resentment combination.

Other helpful combinations to check out this month might be Heart Chakra, Open to Receive; creating abundance and Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality.

Lastly for those who would like support to help them absorb and embody more of their soul vibration we suggest either Soul Connection; en-lightenment, Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind, Thankfulness; developing gratitude, or Inner Light to help.



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