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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for October 2014

Letting Go Essence

Letting Go

A really useful essence for those with emotional pain, perhaps caused by separation, divorce or bereavement. Also for those who are too emotionally attached, clinging to old relationships or seeking love.

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During the month of October we benefit from the harmonising, unifying flow of energy from the constellation of Libra, creating a focus on the balancing of opposites and bringing an emphasis to the qualities of harmony, balance, justice and fairness in all areas of life. In our newsletter this month we have looked in more detail at this energy, with a particular focus on using the opportunity presented to promote greater balance in one of the most basic polarities of life, the polarity of gender. You can read more about this on our blog post, Balancing the Polarity of Gender.

So with the theme of Balancing the Polarity of Gender in mind we will start this month’s Essence Suggestions with some combinations to help with some more commonly associated issues. When we start to examine how our inner masculine/feminine polarity works it is not uncommon to discover that one or other polarity needs to be strengthened in order to become an equal member of the team. So a good starting place can be to look to see whether you feel more comfortable in your feminine polarity than your masculine polarity or vice versa. Use either Female Essence strengthening feminine or Male Essence strengthening masculine to strengthen whichever you identify as the weaker polarity.

Unfortunately dysfunctional belief patterns of the past have provided us with many opportunities to experience abuse and distrust in male/female relationships, however the results of this legacy have to be cleared away before real balance and harmony can be achieved in this polarity. So for anyone finding themselves in need of support with this issue this month, we can thoroughly recommend our Healing Abuse; dissolving trauma, combination to help you gently release and move on. On this same theme Self Responsibility; transforming resentment, Forgiveness; transforming guilt, Letting Go; dissolving attachment, Mother or Father might also be helpful for some working with this issue.

Once both sides of the polarity feel secure and balanced within themselves then consider either Inner Unity male/female integration or Integration to help integrate, stabilise and unify the polarity.

Another polarity that Libran energy will always seek to bring greater balance within is that between personality and soul. Bringing greater balance to this polarity is often a case of moving the focus away from the personality and into the heart where you can more easily remember that you are soul having a human experience. Choose either Inner Wisdom, connecting heart & mind Soul Connection enlightenment to assist you to create this shift of perspective.

One last thought on the theme of balancing polarities. Whatever happens in your world this month try to avoid the vibration of judgement, because in our experience it only serves to enhance and prolong the experience of polarity. So with this in mind we will leave you with a reminder to checkout two of our favourite combinations to help with this issue Inner Freedom; transforming judgement and Self Acceptance; restoring unconditionality.



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