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Helpful Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for May 2014

Base Chakra Essence

The energies this month have a penetrating and illuminating quality that will tend to bring into our awareness those things that are out of alignment with our hearts desire, so that we can make new choices. With this in mind we have decided use this month’s Essence Suggestions to highlight some essences that might be helpful to support this process.

Firstly, making new choices requires consciousness and focus and above all the recognition that we have choice available to us. In situations where old ‘stuff’ is coming into awareness it can sometimes be difficult to remember that you actually have a choice because you are temporarily too enmeshed in the situation. One of best ways of ensuring that you make positive choices is to stay connected to the present moment through your heart where you can more easily observe, choose and then take action. Often simply taking some conscious breaths will pull you back into the present moment, however if you have a habit of ‘evacuating’ your body when something happens that you do not like, more help may be required. In this case we suggest either a Being Present; Becoming Grounded or Base Chakra combination to help. Very often fear is the driving force behind this pattern of behaviour so in this situation consider following on with either an Inner Calm; Transforming Fear or Feeling Safe; Trusting Life combination. Choose a Heart Chakra or Unconditional Love combination for support to open more fully to the wisdom of your heart.

The fundamental choice being presented to us right now is that of embodying our true self. This is something that we all want to do in our heart of hearts, yet often we still encounter resistance at a personality level. In the energy flow this month this resistance is likely to become more obvious, so it will be a wonderful opportunity to let it go once and for all. From our experience one of the biggest issues that arise in this situation is the resistance created through reluctance to step fully into your personal power. It pays to remember in this situation that the inability to use personal power positively is as unhelpful as using it unwisely would be. For anyone needing support with this issue we can thoroughly recommend a Solar Plexus Chakra combination to help. A bottle of Hara Activation might also be helpful as a follow up for some.

Being willing to be visible and to act from the wisdom of the heart is still difficult for many people, yet this is essential if we are to fully embody our true self. This is an issue that could arise for many of us this month. If this is your experience we suggest that you check out Truth, Throat Chakra, or Inner Wisdom; Connecting Heart & Mind to see which combination would most help you.

Lastly if you find yourself in need of some extra help this month remember to call on St Germain and the Angels of the Violet Flame. St Germain is the keeper of the Violet Flame of Transmutation and will be only too happy to assist you to release any old patterns and negativity that you wish to let go of. If you would like to some extra help to focus this energy then why not treat yourself to a bottle of our lovely Violet Flame Essence.


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