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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for March 2016

Essences Suggestions to help with the Energies through March

Higher Heart Chakra Essence

Higher Heart Chakra Essence

A lovely and supportive combination for helping with issues around forgiveness and compassion. It’s particularly useful for when you need help to forgive yourself or others and for developing compassion and the ability to love yourself unconditionally.

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Within the flow of Piscean energy this month there is potential for us to move into greater spiritual unity with ourselves and/or to fall back into the glamour and illusion of separation because we have temporarily aligned ourselves with an old story. So with both these possibilities in mind let’s take a look at some essence combinations that might be particularly supportive in the coming month.

Firstly let’s pick up on the importance of being able to acknowledge the value of our humanness as an integral part of our wholeness as a spiritual being. Judgement and lack of forgiveness are two of the most common vibrations that cause problems here. Many an old story is based on the belief that humanity is inherently sinful until redeemed by an outside power. While we may not now personally subscribe to this belief it is still alive and well in the collective consciousness and therefore available to pick up on if we still have a resonance for it somewhere in our energy field.

If you should find yourself having difficulty integrating with the magnified flow of spiritual energy this month look to see whether you have unconsciously connected in with this old pattern. Lack of compassion and an inability to forgive make it impossible for us to fully integrate with our true self since these are vibrations unknown in the higher realms of existence. So for anyone finding themselves in need of help to transform any of these old vibrations this month we recommend a bottle or two of our Forgiveness; transforming guilt combination. A Heartfelt Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance; restoring unconditionality or Purity of Heart combination might also be helpful combinations to follow on with if more help is needed.

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Inner Freedom Essence

The Inner Freedom Essence helps with judgement and criticism and works to encourage an open minded approach to life and the freedom to be yourself.

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Judgement is a vibration very closely associated with an inability to forgive so if this is illuminated for you this month an Inner Freedom; transforming judgement combination would be very supportive to help you release and move on.

Compassion is a vibration associated with the higher heart chakra so for help to anchor this energy more consistently into your life experience choose either a Higher Heart Chakra or Unconditional Love combination.

Piscean energies are watery in nature and can greatly affect the balance of the emotional body in those with a particularly strong emotional nature. Allowing what needs to clear without getting caught up in the illusionary nature of strong emotions might well be important for some people this month. For support here we suggest either an Emotional Body or an Emotional Balance combination.

It will also be important to stay grounded and in command of your own energy space this month. Base Chakra or Earth Star and Solar Plexus Chakra would be helpful here.

Above all we have a wonderful opportunity for a leap into a more consciously expanded spiritual connection this month. If this feels important for you, give yourself plenty of time to connect at an inner level and to go with the flow of where that takes you. To finish here are a few suggestions for essence combinations that might provide support for this inner journey; check out Causal Body, Soul Connection; enlightenment or Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind for help with making a deeper inner connection, Hara Activation for support to anchor more of your soul’s purpose and Inner Focus; enhancing meditation for more general support to find that all important quiet place within.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.



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