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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for June 2015

Male Essence

Male Essence

A good combination to help you to strengthen & balance your inner masculine energy – applicable for both women & men. It helps to release old patterning that might prevent you from fully using your inner masculine qualities, such as strength, logical thinking & initiating action.

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The airy energies of Gemini impulse us to explore the harmonisation of opposites particularly through the medium of relationship, so with this theme in mind we are starting our essence suggestions this month with a look at some combinations that relate to a polarity that affects everyone of us; the male/female polarity.

This is such an important polarity and one that we are all currently working with in one way or another in order that it can finally come into greater balance. Essentially the harmonisation of this polarity requires that we allow the energies that we have previously perceived as opposing each other to merge into a mutually supportive team.

We all have both a male and female polarity as part of our makeup, regardless of the gender of our body. If these two energies are not compatible with each other at an inner level it can cause us a great deal of internal discomfort as well as creating havoc within our relationships.

So as you examine this polarity within yourself this month, rather than look at the differences between the two energies start to look at the qualities that each aspect holds. Notice how the intuitive, creative aspects of the feminine need the support of the masculine qualities of action and assertiveness for instance. Make a list for yourself of the positive qualities of both the masculine and the feminine and then look to see where you could develop any that seem to be lacking in your own team so that it can function more effectively.

Here are some suggestions for essence combinations that could provide support for this process. Firstly for anyone who needs help to develop their inner feminine qualities we suggest a Female Essencestrengthening feminine to help. Then we have Male Essencestrengthening masculine for support to encourage greater balance in the masculine side of your nature. Don’t be surprised if you find that you need to take both of these combinations as you work with this inner polarity. It is not at all unusual to find that neither end of the polarity is fully developed. Once you feel that you have embraced the positive qualities of both the male and female sides of your nature then is the time to take an Inner Unitymale/female integration combination to help bring about a greater blending and integration between these two energies so that they function as one.

Working with the male/female polarity can also bring other unresolved issues into focus, especially those that relate to our relationships with others. Family issues are often top of the list here, so if you find yourself dealing with old painful family memories this month then possibly a Healing Familyresolving family issues combination might be just what you need to help you move on. Healing Relationshipsrestoring intimacy & trust, Mother or Father might also be very supportive for some. Sometimes to bring balance to a situation we have to find the courage to leave behind a relationship that is no longer working. Although we might know that this is the right thing to do it can still be emotionally painful when it comes to taking the action. For anyone needing support with this we suggest Letting Go dissolving attachment to help you move on more easily.

Finally here are some suggestions for combinations that help to transform issues that will particularly keep us bogged down in a polarity if we are not paying attention. Top of the list here are the energies of fear, judgement, doubt, resentment and guilt. Combinations that will help here are respectively; Inner Calm transforming fear, Inner Freedomtransforming judgement, Inner Certainty transforming doubt, Self Responsibilitytransforming resentment and Forgivenesstransforming guilt.


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