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Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions: April 2016

Essences Suggestions to help with the Energies through April

Hara Activation Essence

Hara Activation Essence

A really good Essence for helping you to promote a sense of true purpose & fulfilment in your life, as well as a greater sense being centred in your physical body. The Hara centre creates a focus on the need to be Divine Will in action and we cannot complete our Soul purpose when this centre is weak or inoperative.

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As we discussed in Expanding Horizons the energetic flow this month will be particularly stimulating at a mental level so with this in mind let’s start this month’s Essence Suggestions by taking a look at what this might look like at an everyday level.

Firstly, it is helpful to keep in mind that in this energy flow it will not only be the positive, inspirational thought forms from the higher mind that are energised. It will also tend to highlight any thought forms we are still holding in the lower mind that do not resonate with the new patterning that we are anchoring. Following on from this, is the recognition that with so much high frequency energy now available to us our ability to manifest anything we focus our attention on is speeding up.

Low Frequency Thought Forms

So let’s start by look at some essences to help weed out any low frequency unhelpful thought forms that might come to your attention. Top of the list here is the Mental Body Essence from the Rainbow Lightbody Essence range. This is a very helpful essence for anyone who finds themselves easily caught up in unhelpful, persistent low frequency thought forms. Also great for anyone who needs support to establish a more consistent flow of inspiration, guidance and creative ideas from the higher mind. If you find yourself unable to see the higher perspective or relevance of a particular situation in your life this month, then the either the Clarity; releasing confusion combination or the Clarity & Perspective Spray; releasing confusion might be just what you need to help you move on.

Heart / Soul Connection

As a soul we are of course always connected to the plane of the higher mind, it is just that the lower mind of the personality can sometimes drown out the soul’s communications. We can best align with the vibration of the soul and higher mind through the heart, because the heart understands the language of the soul. So for anyone seeking to expand their heart / soul connection this month we can thoroughly recommend a bottle or two of our Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind combinationto support the process. See also Soul Star and Causal Body for extra support here.

Divine Will

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Feeling Worthy Essence

This month we’re taking a look at the Feeling Worthy Essence for our Essence Review. This is a really good Flower & Gem Essence combination for where there are problems with self worth, valuing yourself, self-nurturing or deep feelings that you are not as good as others.

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Our ability to respond to the impulses of the higher mind this month will not only be dependent upon our ability to receive but also on our ability to take full responsibility for what we do receive. Sometimes we need to strengthen the alignment between personality will and divine will in order to be able to fully achieve this. In this situation a Hara Activation combination would be most supportive.

Courage, Trust & Commitment to Action

It is also good to keep in mind that our piece of the puzzle will not necessarily be the same as someone else’s. It can take courage, trust and commitment to action what you know is your truth even though you cannot immediately see where it fits into the bigger picture of things. Wobbly, unsettling vibrations such fear, doubt, judgement and unworthiness can be triggered off in this situation, so with this in mind here are a few suggestions for essences to help dissolve some of the more common and persistent of these old vibrations starting with fear; Inner Calm; transforming fear or Strength & Courage Spray; overcoming fear. Then we have Inner Certainty; transforming doubt, Inner Freedom; transforming judgement and Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness. 

Auric Protection

Lastly for those who find it difficult to remain uninfluenced by the vibration of other people’s thought forms we suggest the ever popular and very effective Auric Protection; creating safe boundaries combination. Although this essence is often associated with emotional sensitivity it works equally well in situations where the unwanted influence is mentally based. It is available in both spray and dropper form. If you are in need of a quick acting ‘fix’ then choose the spray form – it is excellent for this.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.


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