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Some Helpful Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions for February 2014

Chakra Essences

The prevailing planetary influence during the greater part of February comes to us from the constellation of Aquarius. Aquarian energy brings with it a flow of new, expansive possibilities in the form of ideas flowing in from the higher collective consciousness. In this energy flow we are likely to find our focus being drawn to the mind with a request to re evaluate thoughts and beliefs that are no longer valid. This is a process that could well involve questioning our established perceptions of life and in particular those perceptions that lead to assumptions arrived at without conscious re evaluation. So with the focus on expanding perspective and bringing in new ideas this month we have decided to highlight some essences that would be particularly helpful to support this process.

No matter what you are trying to achieve, creating a good initial foundation is always important and in this situation it is the solar plexus chakra that is our starting place. When the solar plexus chakra is not balanced the attention becomes focussed in the personality and it is difficult to expand the awareness beyond the everyday perceptions of life for any length of time. Other indicators that this chakra needs our attention are a tendency to an overactive mind, difficulty with self-responsibility, ineffective personal boundaries and lack of self-value. The energy flow this month is likely to bring issues like these more into our awareness, so if this is your experience consider a 25ml Solar Plexus Chakra combination to help you strengthen your energetic foundations.

Expanding our everyday perceptions requires a flexible mental body and the ability to use thought in a constructive way. From time to time we can all find ourselves going round and round in old thought processes that are less than positive. In this situation we suggest Mental Body, Clarity; Releasing Confusion or you could try our Clarity & Perspective Spray; Clearing Confusion to help.

Integrating expanded perspectives from the higher mind is a function of the sixth chakra. If this is not working optimally there will be a limit to visionary capacity and a tendency to narrow, limited thought processes. Choose a Brow Chakra combination for support with these issues.

The heart and mind must work as a team if we are to be able to anchor higher perspectives into our everyday reality. If you find that you are not able to maintain the integrity of the new perspectives you gain from your ‘ponderings’ this month then possibly Inner Wisdom; Connecting Heart & Mind, Heart Chakra or Open to Receive; Creating Abundance, might be just what you need to help.

Lastly here are a few suggestions for combinations that might be helpful to balance some of the more common issues that the personality tends to throw up when we choose to move beyond our established comfort zones. In no particular order we have Inner Calm; Transforming Fear, Inner Freedom; Transforming Judgement, Forgiveness; Transforming Guilt, and Inner Certainty; Transforming Doubt, which will help to release fear, judgement, guilt and doubt respectively.



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