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– Suggestions for September

Divine Harmony EssencesThe flow of Virgo energy this month will be encouraging the synthesis of personality and soul into one harmonious unit and creating potential for the birthing of new ideas and expanded consciousness into the material world. It will also tend to bring into awareness any areas of our lives that are not fully in alignment with our true purpose, particularly in relation to the work that we do in life. Reflecting upon the synthesising qualities of Virgo energy and the call to greater service that it brings forth made us recognise how easy it can be for us to swing between spirit and matter rather allowing them to integrate into a fully functioning unit of consciousness. Pondering the reason for this brought recognition of the enormous collective thought form that has built up around this issue and that currently sponsors the unconscious tendency to separate human experience from spiritual experience.

Healing Separation

Since the flow of energy this month is likely to highlight any separation issues that we might still need to work with, we thought that it would be helpful to base this month’s essence suggestions around this topic. Lets start with one of the most common issues that we all face as we seek to transcend the collective belief in separation, that of acceptance of what has gone before. Top of the list here is the Self Acceptance combination (Divine Harmony Essences). To create greater fusion between spirit and matter, soul and personality have to be in alignment and vibrational agreement with each other. Nothing blocks this alignment faster than an inability to be non judgmental and unconditionally accepting of ourselves and whatever life situation we are currently facing. Many of us are very capable of holding an unconditional space for others but fail miserably when it comes to ourselves. However, if we deny that we are worthy of love we effectively block the love & light of the soul from reaching the personality, promoting the very separation we are seeking to heal. In this months energy any gaps in our vibrational alignment relating to this are likely to become more visible. If this is the case for you, we thoroughly recommend the support of the Self Acceptance combination (Divine Harmony Essences). Another very closely related issue is that of forgiveness, so some this month may find that Forgiveness (Divine Harmony Essences) or Heartfelt Forgiveness  (Rose Collection) would be helpful. Other great sponsors of separation are those personality issues of judgement, criticism & intolerance, so for anyone finding that they need support with these issues we suggest a bottle of Inner Freedom (Divine Harmony Essences) to help.

The process of healing separation often brings to the surface long buried emotions associated with grief, abandonment and rejection. It is these issues that cause us to close down our hearts and at an unconscious level lead us to reject the experience of being human as well as clouding our perception of ourselves as divine beings. For anyone revisiting these painful emotions this month we suggest one of the following combinations to ease the transformational flow; Healing Bereavement (Divine Harmony Essences), Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences), Heart Connection (Pure Vibrations Collection). Healing Family (Divine Harmony Essences) might also be helpful for some.

Life Affirming Vibrations

Lastly we will leave you with some ideas for essences that will encourage you to generate and maintain those positive life-affirming vibrations that are so important if we are to create greater synthesis and unity in our lives. One of the most powerful vibrations that we can draw upon here is that of gratitude or thankfulness. This is the language of the soul and can move us right out of a sticky third dimensional experience into a more expanded state that will bring a greater perspective on the situation. Either Thankfulness (Divine Harmony Essences) or Gratitude (Inner Child Essences) would be helpful here. For more general help to keep your vibrational space clear and positive we find that our popular Positive Vibrations spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) is absolutely invaluable.

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