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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for September

Chakra Essences

Much guidance and inspiration will be available to us in this months energy flow if we take the time to go within and to engage with that place of infinite possibility, the still point within us wherein spirit and matter coexist. However, we know from our own experiences that as soon as we resolve to move deeper into that quiet inner space any resistance we still have will show itself big time and the habit of distraction will start to kick in. We all have different ways of distracting ourselves from the voice of our inner truth. Some of these ways are obvious and easy to spot, however more often they are very subtle and consequently illusive. Our everyday mind can play a very big part in this more subtle distraction process by keeping us caught up in those circulating thought loops that hold us stuck in old stories and behaviour patterns. These very effectively distract us from our true self by offering a vibrational frequency that is incompatible with the truth of who we are and so a pattern of resistance is set up.

With this in mind we thought we would start this month’s essence suggestions with some combinations to help with some very common stories that we have created to distract us from the truth. Firstly, lets start with that very Vigoan trait, the need for perfection. In a nutshell the distracting story is that we are ‘not good enough’, ‘not OK’ just as we are, a story that takes right into the world of judgement, criticism and intolerance. These are energies that keep us firmly in polarity consciousness and create an enormous vibrational resistance to the perfection of our true self. So if you find yourself needing help to quell the distracting voice of an unending ‘inner critic’ this month we highly recommend a bottle or two of our aptly named Inner Freedom, transforming judgement combination.  This is an excellent combination to help you move beyond the self-defeating spiral of self-criticism into a more expanded place of awareness.

Still on the theme of ‘not good enough’ we have that other distracting story, ‘unworthiness’. The resistance that this vibrational field creates is huge and it is still a very powerful thought form in the world today, affecting many people. So if your resistance revolves around the idea that you are in some way not ‘good enough’, maybe feeling easily criticised or struggling with a sense of inferiority then either Feeling Worthy, transforming unworthiness, Self Worth or Self Acceptance, restoring unconditionality would be very helpful combinations this month.

Closely related with both of the above states is the resistance based around the inability to see our selves as part of an abundant universe full of potential and possibility; an Open to Receive, creating abundance combination would be a helpful support here.

The energy that underlies most, if not all of our distractions is fear disguised in some form or another so for anyone encountering this resistance within themselves this month we suggest either Inner Calm, transforming fear or Strength & Courage Spray to help.

The ability to recognise and link with the vibrational frequency of our true self and to bring it into our everyday life is becoming increasingly important for all of us. The powerful, loving and uplifting vibrations of our true nature will very quickly help to eliminate distractions and resistance if we align with it fully. Some combinations that might be helpful here are Soul Connection, enlightenment, Inner Wisdom, connecting heart & mind and Inner Focus, enhancing meditation.

Last but not least we will leave you with suggestions for two of our powerful deep acting essence sprays that might be particularly helpful this month. Heart Connection to help you stay firmly in the heart where you can connect more fully with your true essence, and Clarity & Perspective to help clear lower mind clutter so that you can clearly hear the wisdom of your true self.


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