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It will not have escaped anyone’s notice that the process of change and transformation that we are all collectively going through has accelerated recently and October seems set to be a month in which it will again step up in intensity. So with the energies so focussed on instigating change on all levels, we thought that we would start our essence suggestions this month with a combination that might be particularly supportive for this situation. So for anyone who finds that they need a little encouragement and support to actively negotiate change this month, we can thoroughly recommend a bottle of New Horizons (Divine Harmony Essences). This powerful combination of flower and gem essences will remind you of the bigger picture of your life and help you to recognise the wisdom of the changes that you are needing to make in order that you can resonate more fully with your true Self. It woill gently assist you to find the inner strength and courage required to keep moving forward and ‘to boldly go where no man has been before’.

The need for balance and detachment could also be high on many people’s agenda this month so lets take a look at some essences that might be helpful here. Energetic balance and stability has its foundation in the correct functioning of the lower three chakras – base, sacral and solar plexus. The solar plexus chakra is possibly the most important of these when it comes to the ability to stay emotionally calm and balanced. So top of our list would be large bottle of Solar Plexus Chakra combination (Chakra Essences). Emotional Balance (Divine Harmony Essences), or Balance (Inner Child Essences) would also be good choices for some. If you find it difficult to stay detached from other people’s emotional issues then an Auric Protection combination (Divine Harmony Essences or Pure Vibrations Spray), would be very helpful.

With the strong Libran influence this month, any relationship in which the qualities of balance and fairness are not sufficiently developed could become a point of tension, as resolution is sort. Good communication is always key in these situations so for anyone in need of support with this issue we suggest either Loving Communications (Divine Harmony Essences) or Healing Relationships (Divine Harmony Essences) to help you work with the necessary issues. For some it may be the inner relationship between soul and personality that requires greater balance so if this is the case for you an Inner Wisdom combination (Divine Harmony Essences) might be just what you need.

An important contributor to maintaining balance and detachment is the ability to stay grounded and focused in the present moment. Two of our favourite combinations to help us with this are either Being Present (Divine Harmony Essences) or Earth Connection spray (Pure Vibrations Collection). Either of these might prove to be a helpful support for many this month.

Lastly we will just remind you how effective either the Strength & Courage or Positive Vibrations sprays (Pure Vibrations Collection) can be if you find yourself in need of some help to quickly banish any lurking fear or negativity this month.

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