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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for October

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Libra represents the balance of opposites so we can expect the energy this month to highlight issues that are in some way sponsored by a lack of balance in our lives. Inevitably this will take the focus of attention to relationships of all kinds, not just those that we have with partners, family & friends but also the internal relationship that we have with ourselves, the relationship between our personality self and our soul or true Self. Since this core relationship creates the patterning upon which all our other relationships are built, we begin this month’s essence suggestions with some combinations that promote greater harmony and balance in the relationship that we have between self and Self.

Perhaps the most important issue that we face as we seek greater harmony within ourselves is that of the balance between our inner feminine and inner masculine energies. For us to consistently maintain the vibration of our true self in our everyday life these two energies must work together in balance and harmony. Sadly they often push against each other creating an uncomfortable dynamic which is reflected in the relationships that we create in our outer world. A quick look around the world today shows that this polarity is very far from being balanced at present, a fact that indicates we all have more work to do in this area within ourselves. If this is an issue that comes up for you this month then look at the polarity that feels must uncomfortable within yourself and choose one of the following essence combinations to help. Those who want to create greater balance in the masculine polarity will find Male Essence strengthening masculine is what they need, while those working with feminine polarity first will find Female Essence strengthening feminine best to start with. It is perfectly possible that you will need to take both of these combinations one after the other to clear the related issues before greater balance is achieved. When you feel a greater sense of harmony in this important polarity use the Inner Unity male/female Integration combination or Integration to help promote greater unity and cooperation between these two very important aspects of yourself. With this balance in place you will find it much easier to maintain the connection with your true self that you are seeking. For anyone wishing to strengthen this inner connection further a Soul Connection enlightenment combination would be very helpful.

Issues with our birth family often arise when we are dealing with relationship issues so for anyone needing support in this area we suggest Healing Family resolving family issues to help. Healing Relationships restoring intimacy & trust, Forgiveness transforming guilt or Self Acceptance restoring unconditionality or Letting Go, dissolving attachment might also be very supportive combinations for some this month.

The heart chakra is an important point of balance through which we can access the higher dimensions of ourselves so it will be particularly important that this energy centre is kept open and balanced this month. Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love or Heart Connection Spray would be very supportive here.

Lastly we will leave you with the reminder of how helpful our Positive Vibrations Spray can be to help keep your energy field and/or environment sparkling clean and free from negativity.


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