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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for November


The energies this month seem set to be somewhat intense and likely to leave us with the feeling that we are being ‘pushed’ or ‘leaned on’ energetically to let go of more old ‘stuff’. If you find yourself in this situation this month, be kind to yourself and recognise that whatever comes up will simply leave if you open the doors and allow it to go. Remember also that some well chosen vibrational essences can be very effective in helping us to keep the doors open and the ‘stuff’ moving on.

Since this month is one in which we all need to be particularly open to the flow of new energy we thought that we would start this month’s essence suggestions with an essence to help promote and encourage the all-important ability to give & receive. To become an active participant in the process of anchoring greater light into our world we must be willing to be a part of the divine circulatory flow, which means that we must be both open and available to receive what is given as well as willing to pass it on to others around us. Lack of understanding of how this flow really works has caused great imbalance in our experience of abundance in our world. This is a very deep issue that is currently surfacing for many of us right now and clearly affects our ability to fully receive and anchor the new energies with which we are being gifted. So for anyone who feels that they would like support with this issue this month we can thoroughly recommend a bottle of Open to Receive (Divine Harmony Essences) to help.

Staying grounded and connected to the present moment, even when in the midst of difficult circumstances will also be important for many this month. It is truly only from the present moment that we can have the clarity to recognise, accept and release old issues from the past without getting caught up in them. Either Being Present (Divine Harmony Essences) or Earth Connection (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection) would be helpful here.

We find that it can be very helpful to remember that the rational mind does not have any reference points to understand the changes that are currently taking place within and around us and as a consequence can tend to add to the confusion rather than decrease it, if not kept firmly in its place. The clarity of understanding that we need to develop comes from the soul through the higher mind and heart connection. With this in mind we thought that we would offer you a few suggestions for essences that in various ways encourage the development of this connection. Firstly for those moments of confusion where you find yourself going around endlessly in the rational mind we suggest either some Clarity & Perspective (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection) or Clarity (Divine Harmony Essences) to move you on. We particularly find a good dowsing in Clarity & Perspective spray very effective when we get stuck in this uncomfortable situation. Either Inner Wisdom, Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences) or Energetic Alignment (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection) would be an excellent essence to choose to help strengthen your connection to the wisdom of the higher mind this month.

For anyone who feels in need of a little support to find the inner strength and resolve needed to move forward this month we suggest that you enlist the help of either Inner Strength (Divine Harmony Essences) or Strength & Courage (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection).

Last but not least we will leave you of a reminder of how helpful a well-chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies can be to restore balance & harmony in difficult emotional situations.


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