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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for November

Bach Flower Remedies

The transformational influence of Scorpio this month means that there is potential for deep issues to surface with greater intensity than usual, so we have decided to start November’s Essence Suggestions with a reminder of how helpful Bach Flower Remedies can be if you happen to find yourself in this uncomfortable situation.  In our experience there is nothing better than a well chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies to help restore you quickly to a place of greater harmony and balance so that you can see the issue or issues that need dealing with more clearly. We all have particular states that we are prone to drop into when the going gets tough. Recognising what these are and identifying the most important essences before they are actually needed can be especially helpful for more extreme states. Fear is a good example of a state that can take you over and make it difficult for you to recognise what essences you need in the moment. Rock Rose and Cherry Plum are both excellent essences for those more extreme states of fear that can sometimes catch us unawares, while Mimulus and White Chestnut help with those states of worry and anxiety that have us going around a problem in endless mental circles. For anyone prone to go into a black hole of despair from which there seems no way out, Sweet Chestnut is the remedy that can help to bring back the light. Then there is that deep discomfort related to a lack of self-value that calls for the help of Pine, states of deep hopelessness that require Gorse, or the grip of crippling indecision that either Cerato or Scleranthus can be so helpful to alleviate. Altogether there are 38 Bach Flower Remedies and you can find out more about them as well as check out which ones might particularly help you on the Bach Flower Remedy section of our website.

Divine Harmony Essences

A very predominant issue that seems to be particularly in evidence for a great many people this month is that most uncomfortable and unsettling state of fear. Fear has been a part of life on Earth for so long now that there isn’t any one of us that does not carry old unconscious fears buried deep within us. It might be helpful to remember that intense energies intent upon transformation such as those we have this month will have a tendency to illuminate these fears so that they can be seen and released. This is a very positive process provided that we do not get stuck it. However, this can sometimes be easier said that done so we thought we would remind you of some deep acting essences that can assist you with the process. From personal experience we can thoroughly recommend the Inner Calm combination to help with the release of all kinds of fears, conscious or not. For those more specific fears about safety and survival either Feeling Safe or Base Chakra would be helpful. Strength & Courage spray can also be extremely effective to help keep your energy fields clear and the fear moving on.

Being able to stay centred in your own energy, unaffected by the issues of those around you is always important and particularly so this month. For anyone seeking support with this we suggest either an Auric Protection spray or a Solar Plexus Chakra combination. Emotional Balance might also be helpful for some.

Lastly, to help you make the most of the transformational opportunities available this month why not treat yourself to a bottle of Violet Flame. This essence will help to connect you more deeply with the very high frequency, powerfully transformational energy of the Violet Flame for a quick release of any lingering low vibrational energies that might be around.


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