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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for May

Chakra Essences

Habitual beliefs can be very deeply ingrained and in this month’s essence suggestions we have decided to focus on essences that will support the release of two of the most common of these. In our experience one of the most debilitating and ‘show stopping’ beliefs involves the habit of doubting yourself. Doubt and uncertainty often become a habitual pattern because we have not been given permission in childhood to sufficiently explore our creativity or take action on our own inner promptings about what would be good for us. In this situation we form a habit of automatically doubting ourselves and our abilities which makes it very difficult for us to feel comfortable enough to use our unique gifts and talents to birth something new into the world. For anyone who resonates with this scenario we suggest a large bottle or two of our Inner Certainty (Transforming Doubt) combination to help you release and move on. Other possibilities to help might be Faith (Restoring Trust) or a Heart Chakra combination.

Another habitual and equally debilitating pattern that affects so many people is that of unworthiness or lack of self-value. This again usually has its roots in childhood experiences and often lies at the bottom of why we stop ourselves from trying new things or fully using our inspirational ideas. So for those needing support with this issue we suggest a Feeling Worthy (Transforming Unworthiness) combination to help. A useful follow on would be a Solar Plexus Chakra combination.

For anyone seeking help to stay focussed an on purpose this month we suggest either an Inner Strength (Restoring Inner Resolve) or Hara Activation.

There will be much spiritual inspiration available to us over the course of the month but we must reach out and connect with it if we are to make the best use of it. Either Soul Connection (Enlightenment) or Inner Wisdom (Connecting Heart & Mind) will help to enhance your inner connection while Brow Chakra or Soul Star would be helpful to support the reception of new visions and inspired ideas.

Pure Vibrations Collection

Pure Vibrations Collection… lastly we will leave you with a reminder of two of our favourite spray combinations that might be generally helpful this month. Strength & Courage to help quickly release any old fears that come to the surface and Positive Vibrations to keep your personal energy space and environment sparkling and clear of negativity.


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