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– Suggestions for June

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This month’s theme is the Spirit of Right Relationship as we come under the influence of the unifying & synthesising energies of the constellation of Gemini. In their highest form these energies promote harmony and balance in relationships of all kinds through the fusing of polarities. We also have two eclipses and the summer/winter solstice this month all of which will be adding to the mix of powerful energies available to assist our process of change and transformation. The full moon lunar eclipse on June 15th will particularly provide a momentary pause in which we can become more aware of those shadowy issues that that need to be brought into the light of greater understanding so that changes can be made.

As we see it one of the biggest ‘spanners in the works’ when it comes to the spirit of right relationship is the inbuilt tendency that so many of us have to promote polarity through falling into judgement, especially when it comes to ourselves. So with this in mind we thought that we would start this month with some essence suggestions to help with this and other related issues. Top of the list is the Inner Freedom combination (Divine Harmony Essences). We find this is a wonderful combination to take when we need some help to lift ourselves out of the vibrations of judgement and criticism. Another essential ingredient in the creation of right relations with our self or others is the ability to forgive. An inability to forgive often goes hand in hand with the vibrations of judgement and criticism and usually has its roots in unconscious feelings of guilt about some long forgotten past event. Either a Forgiveness combination (Divine Harmony Essences) or Heartfelt Forgiveness (Rose Collection Essences) would help to dissolve these old feelings so that you can forgive and move on. Other essences that might also be supportive are Self Acceptance (Divine Harmony Essences) or Loving Communications (Divine Harmony Essences).

In seeking to promote the spirit of right relationship there are also two important inner relationships that might well present themselves for review this month. Firstly there is the relationship between our inner masculine and feminine energies and secondly there is the all-important relationship between the personality and soul or true self.  Unless the polarity between the inner masculine and feminine energies is balanced it is very difficult for us to maintain an active working relationship between soul and personality. With the flow of energy this month seeking to promote synthesis and unity any imbalances that we might have in either of these polarities will likely come into the spotlight so we thought we would bring to your attention a few essences that might provide support with these issues. Either Female Essence or Male Essence (Divine Harmony Essences) would help to strength a weakness in an aspect of that polarity, while an Inner Unity combination will help to promote greater unity and synthesis between the two. For those who would like support to enhance the balance between soul and personality we suggest a Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences) to help.

Last but not least we will leave you with suggestions for two of our Pure Vibration Sprays that might be particularly helpful this month: Heart Connection, to promote a swift release of old energies blocking the heart chakra and Harmony & Tranquillity to bring balance & harmony to turbulent thoughts or emotions.
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