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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for June 2012

Divine Harmony Essences

With such a powerful flow of harmonising and synthesising energy available to us this month it is likely that we will see with greater clarity than normal, those areas of life in which we still engage in polarity thinking. As a collective and as individuals, one of the most important polarities for us to balance is that between masculine and feminine. These two energies are present within each one of us regardless of the type of body that we currently have, and both are of equal importance. However, this is an area that is still little understood and is the cause of much difficulty at both an individual and collective level. So with this in mind we have decided to start this month with some essence suggestions to help with bringing balance to this important polarity.

Before we can balance any polarity we have to be able to understand and accept both the energies involved. So if you are experiencing difficulty using your male and female energies together in a balanced way, start by looking at them individually, beginning with the one that seems most problematic. In the energies this month this is likely to be very obvious but if in doubt a quick review of how your relationships work will usually provide a revealing mirror.

Some Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences Suggestions

Masculine qualities are those that relate to logical thinking, strength, power and the ability to manifest action in the world. A wounded inner masculine is often characterized by difficulties in life with authority or father figures. So for those needing support with balancing masculine energies we suggest a bottle or two of our deep acting combination; Male Essence – Strengthening Masculine.

Feminine qualities are those that relate to creativity, intuition, wisdom, open heartedness and sharing. A wounded feminine can make for difficult relationships with your birth mother or other mother figures. A sense of injustice, anger or perhaps fear related to past and present treatment of women might also be indicative of damage to the inner feminine. Female Essence – Strengthening Feminine would be a great support for those needing help with these issues.

Once both energies are more balanced Inner Unity – Male Female Integration is a wonderful combination to help promote greater integration and unity between the inner male and female energies and bring greater balance to this all-important polarity. Integration would also be a helpful essence for some to assist with this issue.

For those wishing to enhance soul connection this month we suggest either Soul Connection or Soul Star to help, while Inner Wisdom would be a great essence for anyone wishing to deepen the connection between heart and mind.

Under the influence of such high frequency Venusian energies, issues of the heart might well come to the fore so we will finish this month with a few suggestions for anyone finding themselves in need of support to clear old heart issues. Either Unconditional Love or a Heart Chakra combination are wonderful for issues relating to old emotional pain or grief, while the Heart Connection Spray or Fuchsia are very effective to promote a quick release of unwanted energies such as anger or fear.  Finally choose Open to Receive or Thankfulness if you feel in need of support to fully open your heart to the abundance of energetic blessings available this month.


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