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July seems set to be a potent and energetically intense month in which we will be playing ‘catch up’ with the great tide of change set in place by the energies of the two eclipses and the solstice that took place during June, followed by a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer on July 1st. Add to this the increasing solar flare activity from the sun and we have a potent mix set against the backdrop of the prevailing planetary influence for the month, which comes from the constellation of Cancer, represented astrologically by the sign of the Crab.

With such an intensity of energy this month we would be wise to focus our attention on what we wish to create rather than on any old issue that might reappear as it comes forward for transformation. In the same way that old structures are unravelling in the world around us, our old internal issues are doing exactly the same. Provided that we do not get hooked into them by giving them an undue amount of attention the related energy will continue to unravel and recycle into a more positive form. In our experience a well-chosen combination of essences is invaluable to support this process and ensure that release takes place with ease and grace. With the likelihood of significant change on all levels and in all areas of life this month it will be particularly important that we are each able to stay grounded, emotionally detached and in our own energy flow. The old pattern of getting energetically caught up in everybody else’s dramas will not serve any of us well this month, so with this in mind let’s start with some essences to help with these issues. Most important of all here is our ability to maintain our own energetic space and for support with this we suggest either a Solar Plexus Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) or an Auric Protection combination (Divine Harmony Essences or Pure Vibrations Spray Collection). Closely related is the ability to stay emotionally detached and able to let go of people and situations with ease and grace. However much we may recognise the need to do this logically it can sometimes feel less than easy from an emotional perspective. In this situation either Letting Go (Divine Harmony Essences) or Emotional Body (Lightbody Essences) would be very supportive. Constantly changing patterns of energy and shifts in the earth’s magnetic fields can disturb our grounding and connection with the earth. Supportive essences here would be Base Chakra (Chakra Essences), Earth Star (Lightbody Essences) or Earth Connection (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection).

The ability to use our creative imagination to visualise and focus inspiration from the soul is very much a part of the unfolding process of change that is currently taking place. We all have this ability but few of us use it to the full, often because we were discouraged as children from following our own inspirational flow. The energies this month will be encouraging us all to allow our higher inspiration to help us bring forward our own unique thread of light and to weave it more fully into the collective tapestry of life as it unfolds into new form. With this in mind here are few suggestions for essences that might help you to remember how to play more in this creative space this month. Either Brow Chakra (Chakra Essences) or Vision (Inner Child Essences) would be helpful to open up to the flow of higher inspiration, while Creativity (Divine Harmony Essences) would be helpful for those who need to support to release blockages to creative expression in the lower chakras. Spontaneity (Divine Harmony Essences) would be a great essence for anyone who needs to allow their inner child out to play more freely.

As there is so much emphasis on change of all kinds this month we thought we would finish with a reminder of some essences that will help you move with grace and ease through any old fears or insecurities that might come to the surface. Our favourites when we feel in need of help with these issues are either a bottle of Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or a Strength & Courage spray (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection).

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