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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for July

Base Chakra Essences

The energy flow and planetary configurations for the month of July will be continuing to impulse us to shift our consciousness and to grow beyond our perceived limitations. So as well as bringing us wonderful opportunities, the energy flow this month could also tend to highlight those issues that still keep us stuck in old habits. Two of the most common issues that restrict our ability to fully encompass the new possibilities of an expanded state of consciousness are fear and doubt. These are two of the main ways that the rational mind has of pulling us back into line with well-worn, old ways of doing things. Even though we might be well aware that fear and doubt are habits long passed their sell by date, these energies can still be seductive simply because they seem ‘safe’ and familiar. These are also energies that are very prevalent in the world today and therefore easily accessible if we allow ourselves to get caught up in them. So with this in mind we have decided to start this month’s essence suggestions by focussing on some essences to help with these two issues.

Lets start with essences that can help to transform old fears. Top of the list here is our ever popular and much used combination, Inner Calm – transforming fear.  This is a great combination to help you move beyond old fear based thinking and into a new and more expansive space. We also find that the Strength and Courage Spray is excellent to promote a quick transformational shift when old fears surface. Last but not least on this subject don’t forget how helpful a few drops of Revival Remedy can be to provide support in emergency situations where fear is a problem.

Moving on to the issue of doubt, we highly recommend a large bottle of Inner Certainty – transforming doubt for anyone needing support with this issue this month. You might also find it helpful to follow this up with a bottle or two of Faith from the Inner Child Essence range.

For those who find themselves too easily caught up in the rational mind we suggest one of the following to help, Clarity – clearing confusion, Clarity & Perspective Spray, Mental Body, or Solar Plexus Chakra to help. Our particular favourite when we need to blow away some mental cobwebs is a good squirt of Clarity & Perspective Spray. We find it works wonders!

For anyone wanting support to promote greater balance between the rational and higher mind this month then Inner Wisdom– connecting heart & mind would be a great choice, while for those dealing with family issues either Healing Family – resolving family issues would be very helpful. 

Lastly we will leave you with a reminder of how helpful the Positive Vibrations Spray can be to help you keep your environment and personal energy field radiant and sparkling clear no matter what is going on around you.

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