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Rose Collection Essences

Rose Collection Essences
Releasing all that is not love within your heart chakra


With the anchoring of a New Template for Life at the end of last year, this month seems set to be the first of many in which we will find ourselves increasingly called upon to evaluate and release old patterns, responses and habitual behaviour. The good news is that without the old template to hold these old patterns in place they will now release very quickly, often without leaving a trace, if we simply release and let go. So with this in mind we thought we would start this months essence suggestions by mentioning some of the issues that can unconsciously hinder us from completely letting go of old issues, together with the essences that might speed up the process of release.

In our experience some of the most difficult energies in this respect are lack of forgiveness & guilt, anger, resentment and fear. All of these energies can promote the tendency for us to feel justified in holding onto old issues and will therefore tend to create an inner struggle that holds us into old patterning. They also actively promote the creation of more experiences based on those same uncomfortable energies, so it is important for all of us to keep in mind that our experience will increasingly be created from where we choose to put our attention as well as what we choose to involve ourselves in.

Some Essences to Help….

So for anyone needing support with any of the above issues here are a few suggestions to aid in quick release. Firstly for support with lack of forgiveness, either for yourself (another name for guilt) or for others, we suggest either Forgiveness, (Divine Harmony Essences) or Heartfelt Forgiveness (Rose Collection) to help you let go and move on. For help with anger check out our Inner Peace combination (Divine Harmony Essences), while Self Responsibility (Divine Harmony Essences) is an excellent antidote to any feelings of resentment that you might find lurking around. Fear is a vibration that we can all find ourselves susceptible to especially during such times as these when we are experiencing such a huge process of change and transformation at both a personal and collective level. Choose from Inner Calm, (Divine Harmony Essences), Strength & Courage spray (Pure Vibrations) or Pink Rose (Karmic Essences) for support with this issue.

The new higher frequency template that we are now all repatterning to, is likely to bring into prominence the recognition of the need for us all to work together as ‘team humanity’ in order to create positive solutions for the good of the whole. Perusing this thought made us recognise that one of the outstanding qualities needed for this adjustment in emphasis is that of humility. It requires both humility and strength to truly see ourselves as a part of the whole and to ensure that the thoughts, words & actions of our everyday lives contribute positively to the well being of the collective. So for anyone of like mind who feels they would like some help with developing this all-important quality we can thoroughly recommend a bottle or two of Humility (Inner Child Essences).

Other essences that might also be particularly helpful for some this month are Letting Go, (Divine Harmony Essences), Freedom, (Inner Child Essences), Vision (Inner Child Essences) & Soul Connection  (Divine Harmony Essences).

One of the most important things for all of us over this coming twelve months will be to remember to let the love in our hearts be the motivating guide for all that we choose to energise in our world. So with this in mind we will leave you with a reminder of how handy a Heart Connection spray (Pure Vibrations) can be to help keep the heart chakra open, balanced and free from old programming so that you can be free to become the true expression of the love that you are.

Essence Consultations

Last but not least, if you are feeling in need of more in depth help to gain clarity on the issues you are working with or the essences that might best help those issues, why not book a Personal Essence Consultation with Catherine – she will be happy to help.


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