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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for January 2013

Inner Calm Essence

As we attempt to acclimatise ourselves to the enormous energetic changes that December 2012 brought to it can be very helpful to remember that wonderful as this new energy is it is also challenging in many ways. Everything that we have relied on as being ‘how it is’ has now changed and anything based on the old patterning now has to either upgrade or dismantle. Effectively the glue that held everything together is no longer doing so. Within us, this means that any old issues that we might have that are not supporting us as our true self have become much more volatile and easily triggered off. Another way to put this is that our unconscious issues are now much more conscious and available to us. This is great on the one hand because they can all be cleared much more easily but on the other hand they have the potential to catch you unawares if you are not paying attention. So with this in mind lets look at some essences that might be particularly helpful this month.

Since it is becoming much more common for old issues to surface with an uncomfortable intensity we have decided to start this month with a reminder of how helpful a well-chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies can be to restore balance in this kind of acute situation. Recognising the issues that most particularly affect you and identifying the most important essences before they are actually needed is the key to success here, especially for those more extreme states.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Fear is a particularly good example of a state that is currently affecting many people as they seek to find balance and equilibrium in the new energy flow. Of course fear is very much a product of the rational mind, which has a tendency to use it as a way of pulling us back into a known ‘safety zone’. Since these old parameters are in the process of dismantling, this no longer works and it can feel rather uncomfortable as we explore our newfound freedoms along with our fears. Rock Rose and Cherry Plum are both excellent essences for those more extreme states of fear that can sometimes catch us unawares, while Mimulus and White Chestnut help with those states of worry and anxiety that have us going around a problem in endless mental circles. Another common and acute experience for many right now is that of sudden and unexplained feelings of deep hopelessness and despair. For anyone in this situation Gorse is the essence to help dispel hopelessness while Sweet Chestnut works on that state of deep despair where all seems lost in darkness. Whatever the issues that you find most uncomfortable there will certainly be a Bach Flower Remedy or two to help amongst the 38 that Dr Bach created back in the 1930’s. You can find out more about them as well as check out which ones might particularly help you on the Bach Flower Remedy section of our website.

Deeper Acting Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences

Most of our fears are still quite deep rooted and usually require the assistance of other more deeper acting essence combinations to clear through fully. For anyone in this situation, either an Inner Calm, (transforming fear) Feeling Safe,(trusting life) or Strength & Courage Spray (overcoming fear) would be helpful this month, while Inner Joy (transforming despair) would support those working to release old hopelessness and despair.

The ability to focus in our hearts and extend the vibrations of peace and unconditional love into the world around us will become even more important than ever in the coming year. However, many of us still have deep issues held in the heart that make this difficult to do on a consistent basis. When we try to move deeply into our hearts we encounter old emotional pain and our own inability to love and forgive ourselves, rather than the joy of who we truly are. For anyone seeking support with any of these issues this month we suggest one of the following combinations to help; Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, (transforming guilt) or Heart Chakra. Each of these combinations has a slightly different focus on the issues of the heart so check them out to see which would most help you.

Lastly, with transformation such an important issue this month we will finish with a reminder to enlist the help of the Angels of the Violet Flame, the Angel of Transmutation or the Angel of Purification to assist you to hold your vibration steady in the Light as you adjust to the new energies.


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