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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for February 2013

Auric Protection

From our experience over many years deep acting combinations of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences have proved to be an excellent support to help shift old patterns, however it seems to us that in this new energy they have become even quicker acting and more effective at getting to the root of an issue. We have focussed our essence suggestions for this February on combinations that will help work with some of the issues related to the need to function more fully in our own energetic space, issues that we have discussed in detail in our blog post for February; Waking up in the Aquarian Age. So firstly anyone who resonates strongly with any of the issues outlined in this article will find a bottle or two of our Solar Plexus Chakra combination extremely helpful. Auric Protection (creating safe boundaries), Auric Protection Spray or the karmic essence White Bluebell would further help those who find themselves particularly over sensitive to the energies of others around them. We particularly recommend the Auric Protection combination in spray form here because it acts so quickly to help you release unwanted energies and strengthen your energetic boundaries.

A particularly difficult experience that very much feeds the pattern of loosing yourself in the energies of others around you is that of physical, emotional or sexual abuse experienced in childhood. This is an issue that many are working with at this time, so for anyone needing support to work with the energetic consequences of such an experience the Healing Abuse (dissolving trauma) combination would be very beneficial.

When we have not developed strong energetic boundaries in early life, it is unlikely that we will feel safe or secure in later life. Unconscious control patterns are often the consequence of this lack of security as we attempt to control our environment in order to stay ‘safe’. Of course this is all an illusion but the patterns of behaviour still run deep. Choose the Feeling Safe (trusting life) combination to help clear old fears and the Release combination to transform old control patterns.

Inner Wisdom

Lastly for those seeking to align more fully with those expansive Aquarian energies we suggest either Inner Wisdom (Connecting Heart & Mind) or Soul Connection (Enlightenment).



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