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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for December 2011

Chakra Essences The energetic mix for December seems set to offer us both an exciting and challenging month, as well as one of great opportunity. However, to get the best from those opportunities we are all going to need to stay as balanced and detached as we can, whatever the challenges that might present themselves in our world. To be successful with this we must be willing to be fully responsible for our own emotional and mental well being. It is be helpful to remember that the more light we bring into our energy fields the more magnetic they become and that as a consequence old issues will become illuminated more quickly. It also follows that whatever we choose to place our attention on in this is new energy will quickly multiply, so it seems only sensible for us to try to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Perhaps one of the greatest blocks to the achievement this positive focus is the tendency that many people have to hold on to old resentment and anger. So with this in mind we thought we would start this months essence suggestions with a combination to help with just this issue.

Unrecognised resentment makes us unwilling to accept that we are the creators of our own reality and can lead us to believe that life is unfair or leave us feeling a victim of the circumstances of our lives. In this low vibrational frequency we cannot remember that we as a soul have chosen all the circumstances of our lives for the gifts that they would offer or that the important people in our lives were carefully chosen because they were the ones that loved us enough to be willing to offer us the opportunities we needed. Difficult though this might be to accept it is our experience that choosing to embrace this perspective can be immensely freeing and can fast track you into a completely new positive experience of life. The energies of resentment and anger are not popular ones to own up to, however they have been a very big part of the old world that we are letting go of, so if you find yourself in need of support with these issues this month then we highly recommend a bottle or two of our Self Responsibility combination (Divine Harmony Essences) to help. Other very closely linked and equally difficult energies that block positivity in life are guilt and lack of forgiveness. Nothing keeps us stuck like guilt or lack of forgiveness for something that happened way back in the past. In this situation either Forgiveness  (Divine Harmony Essences), or Heartfelt Forgiveness (Rose Collection) would be a great support to move you on with speed. Letting Go (Divine Harmony Essences) or Release (Inner Child Essences) might also be helpful for some this month.

With the influence of Sagittarius so strong this month we may well find ourselves being pushed to express our truth in ways that might not be altogether comfortable for some. So with this in mind here are a few suggestions for essences that will support and encourage greater self-expression. Check out Loving Communication (Divine Harmony Essences), Truth ( Inner Child ) or Throat Chakra (Chakra Essences) for support here.

Clarity, (Divine Harmony Essences) Clarity and Perspective, (Pure Vibrations) Inner Wisdom (Divine Harmony Essences) and Soul Connection (Divine Harmony Essences) would also be helpful essences for some this month.

With change so much on the agenda we will just remind you of our old friendsInner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) and Strength & Courage (Pure Vibrations) either of which will help you to release and transform those unsettling fears that can arise when we are challenged to make change.

Last but not least why not treat yourself to a Positive Vibrations spray (Pure Vibrations) to help you stay positive and well balanced throughout the coming festive season. All our Pure Vibrations sprays are now available with added organic Rose Water in addition to the standard brandy and water mix.

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