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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for December 2012

Inner Calm

Inner Calm – Transforming Fear

For those who need help to release deep patterns of fearfulness, worry or insecurity.


December 2012 is an important and pivotal point in our collective process of change and transformation. The energetic configurations and planetary alignments throughout this month present opportunities unlike any that we have previously experienced. The stage is set for a quantum leap in consciousness, one that will carry us forward into 2013 and the opportunities that await us in the years beyond.

From our own experience and also from the experiences of many of you who have been contacting us for essence suggestions recently it is clear that there is a general magnification of old patterns and issues going on as the energy builds towards its climax this month. If this has been your experience take comfort, you are definitely not alone. In truth it would really be surprising if this were not happening at a time like this. However, what is important in this situation is how we chose to deal with it. Essentially there are two choices, reaction or response. Reacting takes us right back into the old pattern while choosing to notice and observe allows for a new response. Sometimes easier said than done in the moment we agree, but essential to cultivate, as manifestation is now becoming quicker and emotions more easily magnified. Vibrational essences are wonderful tools to help clear old patterns, lift our vibration and give us the opportunity to respond rather than react so here are a few suggestions for some that might be particularly helpful in the coming weeks.

Everything about the energy flow this month will be guiding us into a greater unity with our spiritual self and pushing us to connect deeply with the core vibration of our inner truth so lets start with some suggestions for essences to help with this. Soul Connection, Soul Star or Energetic Alignment Spray will help promote greater alignment with your spiritual self, while Inner Wisdom, or Truth will help you to step more fully into the inner knowing of your wisdom and truth.

We can best experience the fullness of what is happening this month by going deep within our hearts and giving ourselves time to be in the peace and quiet of that space. If this seems a bit of a challenge then a Heart Chakra, Forgiveness or Unconditional Love combination would be a good starting point to help you open your heart more fully. See also our special Christmas Heart Connection Set for more suggestions. For those who find it difficult to relax and let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life we recommend Inner Focus or Inner Harmony to help you find the doorway to the peace within.

Many people are currently experiencing big shifts in relationships with those around them, particularly family and close friends. We are all changing at different rates right now and it can be challenging when you are the one leading the way in this process. However it is important to recognise how vital it is that we each fulfil our part of the plan and allow others to find their way without judgement. Essences that might be particularly helpful for anyone in this situation are Letting Go, Healing Family or Loving Communications.

Pure Vibrations Collection

Lastly here is a reminder of three of our Pure Vibrations sprays that might be particularly helpful this month. Strength & Courage for speedy removal of any lurking fears that might come into awareness, Auric Protection to help you stay fully in your own energetic space and Positive Vibrations to keep your energy fields sparking clear and ready for the opportunities that 2013 will bring.


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