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Some of the most important issues that this month’s Leo flavoured energies will highlight are those related to our ability to stand in our own individual strength and power as a personality while simultaneously allowing greater soul impulse to flow through us. The energy centre which we most need operational to assist us with this is the heart chakra since it is this centre which holds the consciousness that can expand our awareness beyond the purely material while also providing our first point of contact with our soul. For this reason we thought we would start this month with a focus on the Heart Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) as this would be an excellent general support for many this month. Difficulty connecting with your true self and your innate gifts and talents or recognising your place within the greater whole are all issues created by blockages in the heart chakra. Often these blockages are simply the residues left over from old experiences that we have been unable to fully release, and/or defences that we have felt necessary to our survival in a seemingly harsh and unheart-centred world. However we cannot contribute to the creation of a new world without having the courage to let these old patterns go so that we can radiate the full power of the love anchored within our heart centre once again. If you recognise any of these problems this month we recommend a 25ml Heart Chakra combination to assist.

Some this month may find that the fiery masculine energies of Leo bring forward some old unresolved ‘authority figure’ issues for them to deal with. In this situation a Male Essence (Divine Harmony Essences) would be a very helpful support. This is also a wonderful combination to help resolve those difficult feelings of separation and consequent tendency towards being overly independent that can often be triggered by the energy of Leo. Heart Connection spray (Pure Vibrations Collection), Forgiveness, or Open to Receive (Divine Harmony Essences) are other suggestions for essences that might also be helpful with these issues this month.

The need to make creative change is very much in the air this month so with this in mind here are a few suggestions for essences that might be helpful to support this process. Firstly anyone who feels in need of help to stimulate their creative flow would enjoy a Creativity combination (Divine Harmony Essences), while Vision (Inner Child Essences) would be great for anyone needing to expand their ability to receive greater spiritual inspiration. For some a New Horizons combination (Divine Harmony Essences) might be just what you need to help you take that next important step forward, while either Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or Strength & Courage spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) would be helpful for anyone finding themselves experiencing a wobbly moment caused by old fears surfacing. Lastly for anyone experiencing difficulty with those great creativity blockers, uncertainty and indecision we suggest either an Inner Certainty or a Decisiveness combination (Divine Harmony Essences) to help you keep moving forward.

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