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– Suggestions for April

Chakra EssencesThe planetary energies this month will feel intense and we may well experience them as a heightened tension within ourselves particularly relating to the need to move forward, even though that way forward may not yet seem entirely clear to us. Uncomfortable though this state of tension may feel, we can best use it positively if we stay balanced, grounded and aligned with our soul and allow what needs to clear to be accepted and released with ease and grace.

Fundamentally we are all being asked for ‘a change of mind’ that will allow the renewal and regeneration of life to take place on earth in a way that has never before happened in quite this way. In this context one of the biggest ‘ideas’ that requires investigation is that related to our perception of our self in relation to the world around us. Do we see ourselves in our wholeness, as an integral part of the web of life capable of contributing to and receiving from that web, or do be still regard ourselves as separate and at the mercy of events? The answer is that for the great majority of us we are probably currently somewhere in between these two extremes. Perhaps we understand the concept of wholeness logically but have not yet anchored that belief as a tangible reality into the core of our being.

Recent events in the world have shaken many of us to the core highlighting those beliefs that can still activate a wobble in our lower energy bodies. Perhaps the strongest of these beliefs is that our security lies in physical form whether that form is our own physical body or the structure of the outer world, leaving us prey to feelings of fear, insecurity, doubt, limitation etc. in times of difficulty. With this in mind we thought that we would remind you of some essences that will help you to clarify and release some of these issues. Lets start with Feeling Safe (Divine Harmony Essences) and Mother Earth (Inner Child Essences). Either of these combinations would be very supportive for anyone who is currently feeling a lack of security and well being in relation to their physical foundation on the Earth. Feet Chakras, Base Chakra (Chakra Essences) Inner Calm, Inner Strength (Divine Harmony Essences) or Strength & Courage Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) might also be helpful here.
Maintaining a still, calm place within will be very important this month in order to avoid the possibility of finding ourselves taking hasty, rash or confrontational action as we negotiate the energetic intensity of the next few weeks. It is often the mind that becomes overactive in this situation so here are a few essence suggestions to help with maintaining a calm and balanced mental approach to life. Solar Plexus Chakra will be a very helpful combination for many to help release mental and emotional tension as well as promote positive personal boundaries. Consider Restoring Patience, Inner Harmony (Divine Harmony Essences) or Harmony & Tranquillity Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) for additional help. Also helpful to support the ability to focus within will be Inner Focus (Divine Harmony Essences).

Pollution is a subject much in the news these days so be will leave you with a couple of suggestions for help with this issue. Anyone overly sensitive to strong emotional vibrations will find our Auric Protection combination extremely valuable, while anyone sensitive to environmental pollutants might like to check out our Environmental Stress combination. Both of these combinations are available either as a spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) or in dropper form (Divine Harmony Essences).

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