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Changing Truths

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Heart Chakra Combination

For those who need help to open the Heart chakra and connect with unconditional love. Heart Chakra

As we move through April and on through the succeeding months of the year it will become increasingly important that we learn to distinguish the voice of truth coming from our soul, from the old well worn ‘truths’ that we have lived with up to now. This could be a sharp learning curve because many of our old truths are emotionally based and still have well-secured belief patterns attached to them.

Perhaps one of our greatest emotional ‘truths’ and one that will certainly not serve us well in the coming months and years if it is not released relates to our perceptions about love. Our emotional truth about love is more often than not unconsciously based on the belief that it is something that we get from others and that we therefore have to earn in some way. This is a deeply insidious pattern that has many threads to it, of which fear of rejection, co-dependency, unworthiness, defensiveness, loneliness and disconnection from life are a few examples from among many.

To fully embody the new truths that we are being asked to birth we must recognise that Love is a powerful creative force and the glue that holds creation itself together. We are an integral part of that creation and carry the flame of divine love deep within our own sacred heart centre. So in fact LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE. We invite you to take a few moments to really allow that concept to soak into your unconscious and to consider what it would mean if you and everyone else in the world lived this as a truth. There is no doubt in our minds that when enough of us really get this, change will be rapid, dramatic and permanent! So it is with this in mind that we have decided to begin this month’s essence suggestions with some ideas to support the release of old emotional ‘truths’ about our relationship with love.

Some Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences Suggestions

Firstly for anyone seeking to expand their experience of themselves as love a good general starting place would be one of the following; Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love, or Angel of Love.  For support to expand the sacred heart centre choose either a Thymus Chakra or Higher Heart Chakra.

For those working with some of the  ‘threads’ we mentioned above we suggest Letting Go (dissolving attachment) for support with co-dependency issues, Feeling Worthy (transforming unworthiness) for support with developing positive self value and Healing Bereavement (transforming grief), Forgiveness (transforming guilt) or Inner Freedom (transforming judgement) for support with feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

Fear of rejection is still a big issue for many so for those working with this one we suggest either an Inner Calm (transforming fear) or Healing Relationships (restoring intimacy & trust).

For those seeking support to move beyond the noisy interactions of the rational mind this month we have the following suggestions; Clarity (releasing confusion) or the Clarity & Perspective Spray.

Finally, here are some essences to enhance soul connection; Inner Wisdom (connecting heart & mind), Soul Connection (enlightenment), or Angelic Gifts Spray (friends in high places).

Since we can all find ourselves feeling in need of some extra support from time to time we thought that we would leave you this month with a reminder to use our Consultation Service if you need help to get greater clarity on the issues that you are working with and/or would like a personalised essence blend created just for you.

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