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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for February

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February promises to be yet another interesting and energetically potent month. During February we come under the influence of the constellation of Aquarius, represented by the symbol of the water bearer. The airy and expansive energies of Aquarius stimulate the awakening of higher consciousness and bring to the fore the humanitarian principles of unity, sharing and brotherhood. This month we can expect to become more aware of how well we are aligned with Aquarian principles in our current thoughts and beliefs as well as being prompted to make changes where necessary.

As we mentioned in our article Our Changing relationship to Time, the issue that stands out as being one that might affect many people in this month’s flow of Aquarian energies is that of bringing the lower and higher minds into greater alignment. In the increasingly higher frequency energies that we now have available to us it is important that we begin to consciously integrate the higher mind with the rational mind in order to function fully in our everyday lives.

Some Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Suggestions…

We can have access to both at all times, however habit often leads us to focus in the rational mind at the expense of the guidance and wisdom of the higher mind. This can be especially so when we face difficult issues in our lives, since it is then that the rational mind can become particularly ‘noisy’ and distracting. So with this awareness we have decided to start this month with some suggestions for essences that will provide support with these issues. Top of the list here is the Clarity (Releasing confusion) combination. This is a wonderful combination for anyone who finds themselves caught up in the limiting thought structure of the rational mind and as a consequence is having difficulty seeing the ‘wood for the trees’. A slightly different but equally effective version of this combination is available in spray form. The Clarity & Perspective spray is our choice for ourselves in those moments when we need some help to quickly see a greater perspective on a challenging problem that has us stuck fast in its grip. Simplicity ( overly logical & complicated mind) is also a great combination to help calm the intrusive chatter of the everyday mind.

Good grounding is also an important factor in being able to focus in the present moment. So for anyone seeking support with this issue we suggest a Being Present (Becoming grounded) combination or a Base Chakra combination to help.

Intuitive Guidance… anyone seeking support to connect more fully with the intuitive guidance of their higher mind will find either Inner Unity (Male/female integration) or Inner Wisdom (Connecting heart & mind) helpful. Creativity (Restoring individuality), Motivation (Developing inspiration), Hara Activation & Soul Star might also be helpful for some this month.

Last but not least, with relationship issues very much still to the fore this month we will leave you with some suggestions for essences that might prove helpful for anyone facing challenges in this arena. Check out Healing Relationships (Restoring intimacy & trust), Loving Communications (self expression), Letting Go (Dissolving attachment) or Relate, to see which combination would best support you.


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