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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences – Suggestions for August 2012

Auric Protection Spray

The habit of drama is an emotional addiction that is very much part of the 3D reality that is currently in process of transformation and it can be very persuasive  In the current energy flow we all need to stay very much on the ball to ensure that we are not enticed into playing out old games when sensitive issues are triggered off. So with the need to stay out of emotional drama so much on the agenda right now, we thought that it might be helpful to start this month’s suggestions with a focus on some essences that relate to this issue. An important first requirement here is the development of balanced personal power and the ability to own our own energetic space as a right. Both these issues are related to the proper functioning of the solar plexus chakra and are still difficult issues for many, because they are attributes that have not been encouraged or positively modelled for us as we grew up. In this situation it is likely that we actually learned to rely on others energetically and emotionally for our security and foundation in life, a situation that does not make it easy to develop emotional detachment in later life. So if this is an issue for you we highly recommend a bottle or two of our Solar Plexus Chakra combination to help.  Those who are naturally emotional by nature, perhaps with a tendency towards rather volatile emotional reactions might also find that either Emotional Balance; restoring emotional stability or Balance would be very supportive in this context. For those who find themselves very easily affected by others strong emotions or unable to detach from emotionally volatile situations our very popular Auric Protection spray is an absolute ‘must have’. It is excellent to help reduce feelings of over sensitivity and vulnerability that cause many such difficulty and discomfort. The Auric Protection combination is also available in a dropper bottle for those who prefer.

The ability to hold a higher perspective on the unfolding events in the world today is related to the link between heart and soul that will be very much in focus the flow of Leo energy this month, so with this in mind here are some essences to help enhance that connection. Firstly for those who feel the need for support to clear away old issues so that the heart can open more fully we suggest either a Heart Chakra combination or Unconditional Love to help. Then, either Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind or Soul Connection; enlightenment would be very helpful to stimulate greater connection between heart and soul.

At the top of our list for heart opening and frequency raising energies come thankfulness and gratitude. Remembering to find something to be thankful for, within even the most challenging of situations, can be the quickest way that we know of to bring about change. So we will leave you with the reminder that either Thankfulness restoring gratitude or Gratitude would be helpful for anyone wishing to stimulate more of these qualities this month.

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