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Chakra Essences It seems to us that what we are being asked to do right now is to become more aware of how the patterns that we carry impact the world around us and to take responsibility on a daily basis for our energetic contribution to that world. This requires a process of constant awareness and focus as well as an ability to be emotionally detached. For many of us the issue of emotional detachment is still difficult especially where our friends and family are concerned. However with a little introspection we can see that if we become over identified with others painful situations we are then unable to contribute the uplifting energies that would truly help them to see the bigger perspective and to move on. In other words we simply become a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution. With this in mind we thought that we would focus on some essences this month that will help with emotional balance & detachment. Difficulty with emotional detachment inevitably means that we have some unresolved emotional issues that are easily triggered off, so simply becoming more aware of what those triggers are will be extremely helpful, so lets start with the Emotional Balance combination (Divine Harmony Essences). This is an invaluable combination for anyone who finds that they are easily caught up in a roller coaster ride of powerful, all encompassing emotions that they then have difficulty detaching from. This sounds very dramatic and in its extreme form it can be so, however you do not need to be experiencing this state in its extreme form to gain benefit from this essence. It will support anyone who wants to gain greater understanding of their emotional triggers to achieve more emotional balance and detachment. Emotional detachment is also a solar plexus issue so many people will find that a Solar Plexus Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) will also be a very valuable support. Light Body Essences In our experience it takes time and patience to work through the layers of emotional patterning that we have all collected so be gentle with yourself and take it one step at a time. When you feel that you have worked through quite a few layers and have reached a reasonable state of equilibrium, then that is a good time to take an Emotional Body essence (Lightbody Essences). This is a very powerful combination that will help you to dig deeper into any layers that are still as yet uncovered. Our new Pure Vibrations Collection sprays are proving very popular and we can thoroughly recommend the Harmony & Tranquillity, Auric Protection & Positive Vibrations sprays to provide instant support for those working with emotional detachment issues this month. Pure Vibrations Collection The only way we can become fully aware of the patterns we carry is to be very grounded and aware in each moment, however many of us have a tendency to evacuate our bodies rather than feel our emotions. This unconscious reaction obviously makes it more difficult for us to deal effectively with our emotions, so for those who would like support with this we recommend either a Being Present combination (Divine Harmony Essences) or an Earth Connection spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) to help. See also the Service and Detachment post.
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[…] See also our Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Suggestions for September […]