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Suggestions for October

Angel Essences As we have said many of us could find ourselves experiencing a temporary heightening of the struggle between the personality self and the Soul this month, as the need for greater integration in this fundamental inner relationship is brought more into our awareness. So with this in mind lets focus on some essences that might help with the various ways this issue could manifest for us. In any situation in which we experience a power struggle whether external or internal, both fear and control patterns are usually very much to the fore. In this situation we suggest a large bottle of Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or a Strength & Courage Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection), followed by a couple of bottles of Freedom (Inner Child Essences) might be an excellent starting point. Some this month may find themselves experiencing heightened feelings of disconnection and separation as the pendulum of balance swings temporarily towards the little self, provoking an apparent crisis of spirituality. Here either Geranium or Lily (Karmic Essences) would be a great support. Soul Connection, Inner Wisdom, Inner Unity (Divine Harmony Essences) or Energetic Alignment (Pure Vibrations Collection) are all essence combinations that in differing ways, help to strengthen the relationship between self and Self. Please do check them out to see which one might most help you this month. If you find yourself experiencing this push for greater balance primarily in your outer world rather than your inner world this month, it is highly likely that it will manifest in the guise of unfinished relationship issues either in your personal or working life. In this case be open to the reflections that are being offered and consider the possibility that either Healing Family or Healing Relationships (Divine Harmony Essences) might be just what you need to get a different perspective on the situation. Many of our deepest patterns are set in place during childhood, so where there are recurring issues around balance in relationships looking at your family patterns can often be a powerful way of gaining greater understanding of yourself. On a more general note we can thoroughly recommend our new Positive Vibrations Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) to help promote a greater degree of balance and positivity in any situation that might arise for you this month. We have found it an absolutely invaluable friend! See also the The Pendulum of Balance post.
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