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Suggestions for November

Rose Collection Flower Essences

This month we will be under the influence of the constellation of Scorpio, which will present us with more opportunities to unstick ourselves from the maya of illusion by choosing to allow the light of higher reasoning and intuition to overturn the old patterns of the lower mind.

It is increasingly important that we all maintain a strong inner connection to our own truth and light and continue to be very aware of when we are operating from that place and when we are not. Simply noticing when we have unconsciously fallen into old patterns diminishes their power over us and provides the opportunity to move back into a place of greater empowerment and choice. Sometimes however despite the fact that we can see that we have simply forgotten to be conscious of the higher perspective of a situation the issues that are triggered off are so intense that we cannot immediately find the way back into that place of higher consciousness. This is when some well-chosen essence combinations can be an invaluable assistance.

Some Essences to Help….

So let’s start this month with a few suggestions to help those states that are most commonly triggered off when the lower mind is intent on keeping control. Three of the most common states triggered off in this situation are fear, doubt or uncertainty and lack of self worth. Although we talked about essences for fear last month it is probably worth repeating the information here as many people are currently finding themselves caught up in this difficult and debilitating state. So choices to help with fear are Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences), Courage (Inner Child Essences) or Strength & Courage Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection). For many people doubt or uncertainty comes close behind fear when they are stretched beyond their normal comfort zones so for anyone seeking support with this issue we suggest a bottle or two of Inner Certainty (Divine Harmony Essences) or Faith (Inner Child Essences), while either Feeling Worthy (Divine Harmony Essences) or Self Worth (Inner Child Essences) would be a great support for those needing help to recognise their own self-value.

The ability to stay grounded and focussed in the present moment is also becoming more and more important. Problems often arise because we unconsciously associate being grounded and present with previous painful experiences we have had in other incarnations, experiences that have made us unwilling to participate fully in physical life again. However, the current flow of high frequency energies is literally sweeping away this old matrix of reality from our collective consciousness and changing our perception of time in the process. We can no longer so easily choose to live in the past and must now learn to anchor ourselves firmly in the present moment. This requires a constant focus on maintaining our energetic connections with the earth as well as vigilance over the thoughts and beliefs that we allow to linger in our energy fields. For those who would like support with this issue we can highly recommend our new Earth Connection Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection). This will very quickly and effectively pull you right back into your body and help you to stay grounded and focussed. For anyone who feels that they have deep issues around grounding and being fully present then one of the following combinations would also be a very helpful resource this month; Being Present (Divine Harmony Essences), Base Chakra or Feet Chakras (Chakra Essences). 

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedy Sets

We would also like to remind you of just how helpful a well chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies can be to pull you back into balance when you are having a difficult time seeing the higher perspective of something that life has thrown up for you. Having your own Bach Flower Remedy Set is a wonderful resource and one that we thoroughly recommend, however if you do not currently have one then do remember that you can order your chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies pre mixed.

Essence Consultations

Last but not least, if you are feeling in need of more in depth help to gain clarity on the issues you are working with or the essences that might best help those issues, why not book a Personal Essence Consultation with Catherine – she will be happy to help.

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