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Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Suggestions for February

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With the impossibility of holding back the tide of change currently being graphically demonstrated to us on the world stage it is increasingly important that we also recognise that the same is true within each of us as individuals. It is both necessary and important that we pay attention this month to any areas of our life in which we need to let go and allow the inner process of change to take place with grace and ease. This maybe as simple as recognising where we are withholding from ourselves the freedom to be our true self or perhaps not using our personal resources – energetic as well as financial – in a way that allows for us to experience equality and fairness in life.

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence to Help….

We all have many inbuilt and often unconscious patterns that preclude the ability to see ourselves as a unit of wholeness interconnected with the greater whole. One of the biggest and most damaging of these patterns is related to our tendency to judge everything as right/wrong, good/bad etc. With its attendant energies of criticism and intolerance, judgement, if indulged in will provide us with an instant manifestation of separation and hold us firmly in polarity consciousness. We have now reached the point where we must each lovingly allow ourselves to transform our ‘inner critic’ in order that we can be free to be our true self. For this reason we thought that we would start this month’s essence suggestions with the Inner Freedom combination (Divine Harmony Essences). We have found this to be a wonderful combination to help banish judgement, criticism and intolerance and help us attain that expanded place of awareness from which we can more easily recognise and let go of old mindsets and perceptions. Other combinations that might also be helpful to work with this issue are Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences), Self Acceptance, (Divine Harmony Essences) Forgiveness (Divine Harmony Essences) or Love (Inner Child Essences).

In order that we can truly contribute to the creation of equality and fairness in the world we must first recognise ourselves as being equal. This is still a challenge for many who struggle with feelings of inferiority and lack of self-value. Anyone seeking support with this issue will find one of the following combinations very helpful; Feeling Worthy (Divine Harmony Essences), Self Worth (Inner Child Essences) or Solar Plexus Chakra.

With so much change all around and within us we can sometimes find that our physical body struggles to keep pace with the release of old patterns and issues. This is often when colds or ‘flu manifest so that the much needed clear out can take place. For anyone in need of support with this situation this month we can thoroughly recommend our Strength & Wellbeing combination (Wellbeing Essences) to help you regain your equilibrium.

Pure Vibrations Collection

Pure Vibrations Collection

Lastly we will just leave you with a reminder about our Pure Vibrations Spray Collection. These powerful essence sprays are proving increasingly popular because of their ability to provide instant and effective support in challenging situations. Since fear is an underlying issue for many we will just remind you to check out the Strength & Courage Spray this month, for some help to keep you moving forward. We find it a wonderful support if we are having a little difficulty facing up the need for change in some area of life.

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