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The challenge for all of us this month will be to stay focussed and balanced and to stay connected with our intuitive higher guidance so that we can listen within for the clarity and direction that we will need to align us with the greater collective purpose for the coming year. As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’ and in this case it is self-knowledge and self-awareness that will be particularly effective tools to help with this. Our inner connection to our true self is always there, however we can become so distracted by the noise made by the personality self that we can forget to give our true self the necessary focus of attention. In moments of challenge it can be all too easy to allow outside events to trigger off an emotional or mental response in us that moves our attention away from our inner core. Becoming a more detached observer of ourselves by focussing on our breathing and moving our awareness into our heart in such moments of difficulty will always redirect our attention back to our true self.

So which Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences would help most….

Vibrational essences are very powerful tools to help with this process so here are some suggestions for some that might be particularly helpful this month. Firstly for those moments when you find yourself in need of some help to restore emotional and mental equilibrium we can thoroughly recommend our new Harmony & Tranquillity (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection). This will very quickly help you detach from any situation creating uncomfortable waves and return you to a place of balance from which you can seek a higher perspective.

As we said earlier being able to stay successfully in your heart is also a major key to staying aligned with your inner core being. Within your heart is the vibrational resonance of the love that you are and it is here that you will always find a clear connection with your true self. Anyone needing help to stay focussed in the heart this month will find either a Heart Chakra combination (Chakra Essences), Unconditional Love (Rose Collection) or Heart Connection (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection) very supportive. In affairs of the heart, forgiveness is often an important issue so some people might find that either Forgiveness (Divine Harmony Essences) or Heartfelt Forgiveness (Rose Collection) is also helpful this month.

With a full moon lunar eclipse and – depending on the part of the world you are in – the winter/summer solstice both coming together on December 21st we can be assured that any unresolved emotional issues that we might have will be making their presence felt again this month. Often the most difficult emotional issues for all of us to deal with are those relating to our relationships with others. Some essences that might be particularly appropriate here are Letting Go (Divine Harmony Essences), Release (Inner Child Essences) or Freedom (Inner Child Essences). Others that might be helpful for some are Loving Communication (Divine Harmony Essences), Solar Plexus Chakra (Chakra Essences) or Balance (Inner Child Essences).

Remembering to keep our energy field as clear and balanced as possible will be as important as ever this month so we will end with two sprays that we find particularly helpful in this respect; Positive Vibrations and Clarity & Perspective (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection). Positive Vibrations is an excellent spray to help transform negativity of all kinds either from your own energy fields or your environment, while Clarity and Perspective swiftly clears away ‘fog’ from the lower mind so that you can more easily gain insight and direction from the higher mind.

See also ‘Rising to the Challenges of the Great Transformational Shift‘.

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